New tools to help manage your community

New tools to help manage your community

We begin rolling out a new set of features on which fall under the banner “active driver management”. These are features which will allow admins to have greater control over managing attendance and who is racing in their communities.

The first feature in this collection of new tools is driver bans. Before today, the only option for removing drivers from a community was to do just that, remove them entirely. In many cases this was not only too extreme but also flawed as drivers could rejoin the community and sign up to events.

We listened to the community owners and have implemented a new tool which gives admins the option to add drivers to a ban list meaning they remain in the community but can’t sign up for events. This is perfect for when you need to give a driver a bit of time to chill out and calm down. 

Some examples of where an owner may ban a driver include poor driving standards, not showing up to events, poor behaviour on and off track or even in some cases being too quick!. It’s up to you as admins how you use this tool but it’s designed to give admins more control over their communities. 

I have made a short video explaining how to use the new Ban List system. 

Dan’s Top Tips

  • Banning a driver will keep that driver in your community, however they will not be able to take part in any races
  • If you remove a driver, they can still rejoin, using the preferred method of joining by the Community
  • Make sure your reasoning is justified. If you ever feel the urge to ban someone just because they don't agree with you, just take a moment to think if they have actually broken any of your community rules. Use the ‘About’ pages within your community and its events to clearly specify rules publicly that your drivers should follow when racing with you
  • With great power comes great responsibility! Just because you can ban a driver, doesn't mean you should. I would always recommend that you have a conversation with that driver first. Maybe a chance to explain their side of the story is all they need. Always try to offer a driver a way to correct their errors and not just dismiss them
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Written by:

Dan Terry

Head of Esports at Simracing.GP