AMS2 Launches on SGP

AMS2 Launches on SGP

It’s finally here. Automobilista 2 is available to use on Simracing.GP as of today. It’s taken us a while to get this on to the platform but with the help of the folks at Reiza Studios we are happy to announce that AMS 2 is now live on SGP. 

Automobilista 2 has some of the most interesting content available in any sim, from replica 2022 formula 1 cars to lesser known brazilian stock cars, this title has something for everyone. Some of the more popular content in the game is the GTE and Dpi cars, when paired with some of the incredible American tracks you can put together an IMSA championship pretty easily.

AMS 2 for Leagues on SGP 

For league owners and event organisers, using SGP to manage your races will mean dedicated servers for stable performance during multiplayer events but more importantly all of your entrylist management, results data and championship standings will all be automated. This means more time racing and less time organising. 

For those already using SGP the event creator UI is consistent with the other titles on the platform meaning you will be right at home with setting up races with AMS2 even if you have never touched the game before.

Some things you might want to know before setting up your first AMS2 race on SGP. There are some interesting options for weather. You have the ability to select up to four weather slots per session. This means you can dictate exactly what happens with the weather during a race. More impressively though is the Real Weather option. This allows you to pick a date in the past and use the exact weather from that location on that date. So if you want to accurately recreate a race from the past you can do so using AMS2. 

Another amazing feature of AMS2 is the damage model. This is unforgiving at best and brutal at worst. If you are the type of community owner who craves realism then turning the damage settings up to full will give your drivers a considerable challenge. 

If you run an AMS2 community and want to try Simracing.GP, book a demo today. 

Launch Event

To celebrate the launch of Automobilista 2 on Simracing.GP we are hosting a launch event on Wednesday 1st June in a faux 24 hours race around the green hell. The cars that will take to the track are a mixture of GT3 GT4 & GT5, this is our best attempt to recreate the iconic Nordschleife 24 hours race. The event will be time scaled to simulate 24 hours within 1 hour, this is to show off the incredible visuals available in AMS2 during the day to night transitions. If you would like to take part,register your interest on this form now and we will invite a select number of drivers to join us in the race. 

Optimising AMS2

AMS2 is available to use now but as with most things in developer world things need to be tested at scale. If you remember with both ACC and R3E launches we needed a little time to optimise our server configurations. With that said we urge community owners to start with short races with the intention of testing the performance and reporting any issues. We expect optimisation to take roughly two weeks so if you can’t wait and set up a big event and it’s not perfect, you can’t say we didn’t warn you. As you can see from our launch event we expect AMS2 to be buttery smooth by beginning of June. Please report your experience using AMS2 to the Dev team after each race, good or bad. Thanks. 

So there we have it. AMS 2 Finally on Simracing.GP. Go an discover what this amazing sim has to offer and join us on the 1st June for the official launch event.

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