Australian Servers Now Online

Australian Servers Now Online

Simracers in Australia listen up. We have just added Australian based servers to across all games. 

The latest addition to the server locations on offer from services our Oceanic friends. This opens up a ton of possibilities for those down under looking to set up communities or race with locals. 

One person who is happy about this news is our friend Ermin Hamidovic, mate, i’m sorry it took us a while but we finally got there 😆 . For those not in the know; Ermin has an awesome sim racing channel on YouTube, please go and check it out, but he also has a community on and has been asking for Australian servers for a while. Here are Ermin’s thoughts on this latest update:

"Ever since we started using SGP in our community, managing races has been a complete breeze. It's the go-to platform for managing your league. Whether you're in for casual one-off racing, or super-sweaty championships, SGP has it all covered in one centralized location. No more hiring servers. No more sifting through config files and cursing the gods. With the addition of Aussie servers, I'll finally be able to race my Oceanic community with no lag!"

Find Ermin's community on - Sim Racing Legends

The Australian location is now selectable in the server drop down menu in the event creation menu and we will be adding more locations in the near future.

Happy racing to all our Aussie pals.

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Steve Worrell

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