British GT Esports Rounds 1 & 2 Gallery

British GT Esports Rounds 1 & 2 Gallery

The wet start to race 1

Hard fought battle in to turn 1

3-wide in to T1

oNiD Racing were out in full force

Brabham Esports splashing through the Oulton Park puddles

SGSS fend off Apex One

The wet start made life further back in the pack very difficult

A dry line formed when the sun broke through

Race 1 winner Chris Warner crosses the line

Race 2 saw Brabham lead the way

The drier conditions gave a faster start for all

The pack thunder around lap 1

Team Orion's livery caught the eye

As the sun set, drivers had to deal with bright conditions

The light made for excellent photo conditions though!

The racing across both races was close all day
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