SSRI Host the Cammus Cup

SSRI Host the Cammus Cup

Cammus Community Cup - Hosted by Simsport Racing International

Welcome to the Cammus Community Cup hosted by Simsport Racing International. There are prizes up for grabs not just for the winners, not just for drivers but also the stream viewers... Yes you read that right, just watching the broadcasted races could net you a sweet Cammus prize.


1st Place Overall - 15NM Cammus Direct Drive Wheelbase + Steering Wheel

2nd Place Overall - Cammus Load-Cell Pedals (3 pedal Set)

3rd Place Overall - Cammus Load-Cell Pedals (3 Pedal Set)

Participation Prize - Every race you complete (including qualifying races) within 3 laps of the leader gives you one entry into a prize draw to win a 15NM Cammus Direct Drive Wheelbase + Steering Wheel

Stream Viewer Prize - Complete an entry form & comment on at least two of the live broadcasted races for a chance to win a 15NM Cammus Direct Drive Wheelbase + Steering Wheel

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Qualifying for the tournament will take the form of a short 3 race knockout competition taking place over 2 weeks. The top 45 drivers from the knockout will be invited to a five round championship.

Qualifying Knockout:

Preliminary Round - Monday 27th June - 15 min Race - Everyone who completes 100% race distance goes to Round 1

Knockout RD1 - * Tuesday 28th June - 20 min Race - Number of people qualifying to be announced after preliminary round

Knockout RD2 - Tuesday 5th July - 20 min Race - Top 45 drivers qualify for the championship

*Please note RD1 is the day after the preliminary round


Round 1 - Friday 8th July - 60 Mins 1 Mandatory Stop

Round 2 - Fri 15th July – 90 Mins 1 Mandatory Stop

Round 3 - Fri 22nd July – 60 Mins 1 Mandatory Stop

Round 4 - Fri 29th July– 90 Mins 1 Mandatory Stop

Round 5 - Fri 5th August - 150 mins 1 Mandatory stop (Double Points)

NOTE - If you make it to the main championship the car you select for the first qualifying round is the car you must use for entire championship


You can register for the first heats in the preliminary round of the qualifying phase now.

The preliminary round is Monday 27th June - Servers start from 18:00 UTC

To join the event you must join the event host Discord -

You will need the Password for this event which can be found on the host discord server.


Simsport Racing International was founded on January first 2022, when SSR and SRHI merged into this new community. OSimsport Racing is a place for like minded sim racers to come together and race, chat and help each other. The community has been running since 2016 and prides itself on quality in everything that we do. This is a place for racers of all abilities, in fact many members have joined us as novices and become very competitive racers with hard work, practice and help from other members. We host events and championships on Assetto Corsa Competizione, Assetto Corsa, Raceroom, AMS2, iRacing and Rfactor, we are always looking to try new sims and if the demand is high enough we will try new titles. We steward all league events to try and promote the cleanest and fairest racing possible. We have a comprehensive rules document to help with league management and we expect sportsmanship from all. With our own in house broadcasting team we stream most of our events live to YouTube, also with commentary so your supporters can watch you race live and get involved in the chat. With access to some very talented livery designers within our community you can really personalise your racing experience. Simsport Racing also have an esports team, competing in events hosted by other communities and organisations. We are always on the look out for drivers to join our teams. With a real community spirit you will soon be making new friends and we hope you will enjoy your time with us.


Simsport Solutions. Providing complete packages to organise and run your sim racing events

Simsport Solutions

Who we are:

Simsport Solutions was founded by a small group of eSports broadcasters and commentators that specialise in Sim Racing in 2021 to provide premium eSports broadcasting services to both corporate clients and individuals drawing on our combined experience working with some of the highest profile Sim Racing events.

What we do:

We offer a full compliment of services for eSports event broadcasting including providing commentators, stewards, social media and post-race support based on your requirements and your budget. Using our industry-standard equipment, we can provide broadcast-quality live productions including live graphic overlays, live camera overlays and timing.

Who we work with:

We have an extensive amount of shared experience across our team and we draw on our individual experiences with the likes of SRO eSports, The Sim Grid,  Ferrari eSports, R8G Predator eSports and many more to make sure we provide you with the best possible broadcast that we can.

contact us:

We’d love to have a chat with you to see how SimSport Solutions can bring our production values to your eSports event. Simply drop us a message below with your contact details and we’ll do the rest!

Terms and Conditions -

Rules & Regulations - Can be found in the ACC-Cammus-Community-Cup-Info channel in the Simsport Racing International Discord channel

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