Congrats to ACCSS - 1000 members and counting

Congrats to ACCSS - 1000 members and counting

A huge congratulations to ACCSS on reaching 1000 members on One of the first communities on the platform and going from strength to strength. 

The future is bright for one the OG communities on SGP. Starting life as a community specifically for rookies and mid-pack runners they have evolved into one of the finest sim racing communities out there. 

A key feature of ACCSS is the rather unique rule, “drive fast get banned”. Usually when you win a championship you are rewarded with prizes, champagne and a trophy, well at ACCSS you get banned. Well, it’s not quite that harsh, the rule only applies to the top three drivers of the top split from the main season championships. This rule ensures that the fastest drivers can move on and find faster leagues to join and the slower drivers get closer to tasting victory. 

It’s this unique approach to sim racing league and the dedication from the members in the community to provide high driving standards and a friendly community spirit which has seen ACCSS grow to over 1000 SGP members. 

So if you want to cut your teeth in a community that offers ranked championships, live stewarding and high quality broadcasting then look no further than ACCSS. 

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Watch the ACCSS Broadcasts here

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Steve Worrell

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