ACC Driver-Swap Championships out now

ACC Driver-Swap Championships out now

The latest update includes a number of important changes but most significant is the inclusion of ACC driver-swap championships. 

Let’s start with some of the less hyped updates, a reworking of some of the libraries used on the backend of the platform results in a much snappier performance, meaning jumping from tab to tab will be a lot quicker now.

Team information for driver-swap events has been moved to a new tab called “team”. This was done for two reasons, first, it's a lot easier to display the amount of information needed and secondly, it resolves an issue we had with long server names. 

New "My Team" Tab

Finally, this isn’t actually new, but we had some people feedback that this was a problem for them, but didn’t realise it already existed. Server restart buttons. On ACC driver-swap events there is a server restart button found on the event page. This was actually added when we launched driver-swap events but we clearly forgot to mention that bit. 

Restart server button. It was there all along...😱

Now onto driver-swap championships. You now have the ability to create driver-swap championships in ACC using These work much the same as traditional championships on SGP so the user interface should be familiar to community admins, just with the addition of the teams rules tab. Just select the “New Team Championship” button on the championship screen. 

From the dev team at SGP we hope you enjoy driver-swap championships on the platform. If you would like to run a driver-swap championship for your community on then get in touch with us today.

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Written by:

Dan Terry

Head of Esports at Simracing.GP