How to get started with working in sim racing

How to get started with working in sim racing

It’s the dream isn’t it? Turning your hobby into your job. But just how easy is it and what opportunities might be out there?

The reality is that not every sim racer can find work in the industry, but the good news is that opportunities are growing, especially as the hobby grows and events develop around it.

To help you get started, we have compiled a list of top tips:

  1. Start small - Don’t expect to be a huge deal in sim racing right from the off. You will need to be prepared to start with little things, maybe in your spare time while working elsewhere or studying.
  2. Be confident in your skills - So someone is after some help at an event? Go for it! Nobody can evangelize about our hobby better than a racer. You do this every day, now share your passion… talking of which.
  3. Demonstrate your passion - This can’t be taught, so if you’re passionate then show people. Tell people what you do and why and smile while doing it!
  4. Open your mind - Want to be an esports driver? Maybe you can, but maybe you won’t make it. Don’t let that put you off and look at what else you could do in sim racing.
  5. Work hard - When you do get an opportunity then push yourself to give it everything. That’s how you get the next opportunity, and then they start getting bigger and you build from there.
  6. Read up - Make sure you’re in touch with the latest industry information. Read news sites like Traxion and watch streams of big events back. Learn the big names, the main teams and the important competitions.
  7. Highlight your best skills - This is an emerging industry, so stack your skills/CV with relevant details about your Simulator knowledge, rather than non-relevant information.

So now you’ve looked at some tips, It’s time to go find an opportunity - but sometimes it may feel like these only go to a small group of people and it’s difficult to break in… that’s where SimStaff can help.

Josh Martin set up SimStaff with the aim of providing staff for events and tournaments in the sim racing world. Now the team is global and supports huge activations at events from F1 races to gaming shows.

The good news for you is that SimStaff need people right now. You can become a freelancer with them and open yourself up to opportunities in the industry - allowing you to demonstrate what you can do, meet more people, gain experience and get paid while doing it.

“The reality is, sim racers know sim rigs better than any generic events company ever can.” says Josh. “Turning your cherished hobby into your dream job is now within reach. Working with some of the latest and greatest sim equipment, and getting paid to do so is something so many of us dream of.

“At SimStaff, we're on a global hunt for passionate individuals, in every city across the world supporting; Private Installs, Public Events and Racing Competitions. Picture yourself in the heart of the sim racing action, gaining real-world experience, and getting paid for doing what you love.”

So I guess the final question is what are you waiting for? Get in touch with SimStaff today by


In the meantime, get racing, get learning and get ready for your journey into working in sim racing.

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Written by:

Adam Eley

Head of Sales & Marketing