It's time to go racing once again.

It's time to go racing once again.

As the dust settles on the another festive holiday period we have been recharging the batteries for a busy year ahead. We incredibly enjoyed 2021 as the platform moved into open beta and we have witnessed some incredible racing from the various communities and through some of the Esports activity we hosted on SGP.

As you may have seen just before the end of the year we rolled out a few small features including practice session button, lap-times and a new community list view. The practice session button is designed to give admins the power to quickly spin up a practice session of any given event. This means if drivers are looking for somewhere to practice and the community doesn't have a practice server of their own, they can practice on SGP with ease.

Spin up a practice session for your drivers in just a couple of clicks

Lap-times was something which has been requested for a while and we now have it for all results on the platform, not just for new races but for every race that has taken part on SGP since the launch. Not only that, it offers information on the fastest lap, best sectors, consistency and position changes. This is just the start of adding more data to the platform and you can expect more in the coming months.

Laptimes now available by clicking on lap counter in results page

Then finally just before we broke up for Christmas we added a new view to the community list view. It now sorts based on the activity of the communities. This means you won't see communities with no events planned above those which do. You will see additional information such as server location to help better identify communities in your region, how many races the community has held in the last 30 days and how many drivers have DNF'd in the last 30 days helping you decide on which communities are populated with committed drivers.

Community list now sorted by activity

Moving on to the future. We spent the last part of the year planning our next phase of development and we will be sharing that information with you all very soon in a roadmap update later this month.

So until then, Thank you to everyone who organises races and drives on SGP we hope 2022 will see yet another year of incredible sim racing.

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Steve Worrell

CEO of Simracing.GP and passionate sim racer. I have been sim racing for over 20 years and have worked in marketing for consumer tech for over 10 years. My mission is to create a single destination for competitive racing online.