Jimmy Bought Goldie!

Jimmy Bought Goldie!

Jimmy's Team87 plans are just getting started

It was a wet, nondescript Tuesday in Cheshire just before Christmas when a monumental moment for simracing occurred. Jimmy Broadbent completed the purchase of his championship winning Praga R1 race car. The idea that a simracing YouTuber can go from racing in his shed to this point is simply incredible. To the outside world glancing in, this may look like a YouTuber buying another toy to play with, but what Jimmy has planned is anything but that. If you're a fan of Jimmy then you already know how seriously he's taking his motorsport career and this latest step aims to bring other sim racers along the journey.

As Jimmy mentions in his video detailing why he's bought his beloved Goldie he also speaks at length about the plans for Team87. Up until now it's been a brand under which Jimmy has sold a few hoodies and T-Shirts but now the serious stuff starts. Jimmy sees Team87 as an entry point for sim racers into real world motorsport by giving people the chance to get behind the wheel of real cars on real tracks, and the Praga R1 will be the pinnacle of what drivers can be achieved with Team87 (at least for now).

Jimmy is committed to brining through genuine talent, especially those coming from backgrounds without the means to go racing. Motorsport is expensive and to get behind the wheel of any car on any track is an achievement in itself but is still an unachievable goal for many. Jimmy is incredibly grateful for the opportunities he's been given with Praga and throughout his career and he says this is his chance to "pay it forward" and help others go racing.

There are a ton of possibilities with this initiative and one thing is for certain that it will be a lot of fun. Stay tuned to Jimmy's channels and here on SGP for news on how you can play a part in this awesome journey and if you haven't watched the announcement video you can do so here.

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