Jimmy Broadbent Launches SGP Community

Jimmy Broadbent Launches SGP Community

Jimmy Broadbent with support of his awesome community have started racing on Simracing.gp starting with daily racing on ACC and a BritCar style championship on AC

The daily races on ACC started roughly a week ago with a blend of GT3 and GT4 races rolled up into a series where drivers can earn points every day with the aim to top the leaderboard. A series on SGP gives members of the community a chance to arrive and drive with the added benefit that points are tallied and you are racing with purpose. This also means you can run a series using different titles for each race i.e. Race 1 = ACC, Race 2 = RaceRoom, Race 3 = AC etc. 

You can spot series’ on SGP by the corner icon which looks like a podium in the bottom right of the event card.

Starting tomorrow (Friday 4th June), Round one of the BritCar style championship using Assetto Corsa and the Praga R1. Paying homage to Jimmy’s breakthrough season in real-world racing, the championship visits some of the iconic venues from the real BritCar championship. A championship on SGP is a bit more like a traditional championship in the real-world. You pick a car and that’s your choice for the entire championship. So if you want to get involved make sure you are keeping up to date with the announcements from the community to register your entry before all the spots are taken.

The BritCar Championship is already full - Keep an eye on Jimmy's discord for news on future championships

Good luck to Jimmy and his team. We look forward to seeing more events coming soon.

Sign up to Jimmy's Simracing.GP community here .

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