New Languages Available on SGP!

New Languages Available on SGP!

Simracing.GP are all about the inclusion of everyone in simracing that’s why we are adding more language options to our platform.

We now have French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese added as selectable languages in addition to the default English. In this short guide we will show you how to select your chosen language on the platform.

Log into your Simracing.GP account, then in the bottom left corner click on your name. This will bring up a task bar with three options. Click on the settings option as shown below:

Once you are in the settings tab you will see a drop down menu for language selection. Click on this and it will show you all the available options as shown below.

Once you have selected your chosen language all you need to do is click the save button in the bottom right and this will save your selected language.

There you have it, now you know how to get your chosen language on the Simracing.GP platform. If your chosen language isn't available yet please head over to the help channel in our Discord to suggest it! 

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