Lap records are now online on SGP

Lap records are now online on SGP

We are about to push a couple of new features to the platformso expect a short period of downtime while this rolls out. What are thefeatures I hear you ask?


Lap Records


When you sign up for an event you will see a new tab “LapRecords”. This will display your fastest lap with the car / track combinationof the event. You will be able to compare your time to other drivers registeredfor the event, other drivers in the host community and even against all otherdrivers on the platform.


From a driver’s perspective this a neat side quest to thecompetitive league racing and from an organisers perspective it will help you getto know your drivers even better.

Hide Password


I know, it’s not the most exciting feature but we have hadrequests for the ability to hide passwords. This is useful for streamers whowant to show how the platform works but don’t want to give away the passwords.


A small change but hopefully all you streamers out therelike it.


We also promised a roadmap update. This is coming soon as wefinalise our plans for 2022 so expect that in the coming days.

We hope you enjoy these new features. Now go and set some lap times and see howyou stack up against your friends and rivals.

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Steve Worrell

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