Forza Motorsport, Pure Performance updates & much more!

Forza Motorsport, Pure Performance updates & much more!

Good Morning,

As we reach the middle of October, we have prepared a small update to Simracing.GP to include some new content, a new manual entry title and some updates to our ranking system, following feedback from our users.

Forza Motorsport on all platforms

Starting this morning, you can now schedule and log results for your Forza Motorsport events on Simracing.GP, using our latest manual entry tools. Adding to the F1 ‘23 title that we launched the Manual Entry tools with last week, Forza Motorsport is the next title that we have chosen to support.

Forza Motorsport joins F1 '23 on Simracing.GP

All cars & tracks have been added and users can now begin to plan their events & championships across Xbox and PC and track their efforts against other competitors they are on track with!

For wider information on the manual entry tools that we added recently, you can find that here

Pure Performance Updates

Following feedback from our users, we have made some updates to the Pure Performance system to be more rewarding to drivers who compete and finish races, over those who quit early, or register and do not show up at all!

Previously, drivers who registered and did not turn up, were penalised with a flat -500 reduction in their rank, with drivers leaving an event early, were penalised with a flat -300 reduction in their rank.

Moving forward, these penalties will be a percentage of a driver’s pure performance rank based off their pure performance score at the time of the event.

With the detailing within our Pure Performance system, drivers who complete events should feel much more rewarded when they perform at the best of their ability on track with these changes, and community owners can gather a better gauge of the drivers they can expect on track of a race day with larger penalties being handed out to those who register for an event with no intention of taking part.

Safety Rating Updates

When we launched our Safety Rating System (ARTICLE HERE) there were a set of paraments required for the event to look at how safe you were on track, allowing small groups of friends to race together and have fun, whilst recognising that a grid of 8 drivers or more, gives a better picture of a competitive event.

Following feedback from drivers using the platform, events with 6 Drivers or more on track will trigger the enabling of the Safety Rating system, meaning drivers who keep it clean, will see gains in their safety rating for the title they are racing on.

With all our systems, we are constantly listening to feedback from our users, owners and support staff looking at ways that we can improve the tools we offer our communities to give them as much flexibility as possible.

New Assetto Corsa Content added

With this update, our team have gone ahead and added 4 new tracks for our Assetto Corsa Communities to take advantage of.

Community owners will be able to schedule events on the following tracks

- Goxhill Trenchant Circuit by ‘slowshootin’
- Korea 2023 by ‘chilenaoexiste’
- Janibaya International Circuit by ‘chilenaoexist’

- Trois-Rivières by ‘Brandydo’

Goxhill Trenchant Circuit by 'slowshootin'

If you have created a piece of content for Assetto Corsa, that you wish to be included on Simracing.GP, you can submit your content via our ‘Content Form’ found here

That wraps up our Mid-October update to Simracing.GP, we look forward to seeing how our users tackle the new content and look forward to see some amazing events across Forza Motorsport in the coming days!

See you on track


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Dan Terry

Head of Esports at Simracing.GP