A new Look for Simracing.GP

A new Look for Simracing.GP

We've been a little quiet recently but it's with good reason, we've been working hard in the background trying to improve Simracing.GP in terms of features and as a business. We have lots of good news to share with you but in order to make sure each announcement gets its fair share of visibility we will spread them out over the next week or so. Let's start with the new look for SGP. I suppose the good news from a user perspective is that of all the announcements we have planned, the new brand identity is the least exciting, trust me we have some amazing new features and competitions in the works. From a business perspective the Brand Identity is an important step for SGP as it signifies our growth as a company and has been designed to lead us in to the next phase of our journey.

As with all brand ID updates there will always be people that don't like it or preferred the old look, but that was one of the problems we were looking to solve with this new visual identity, we never really had a look. Yes, we had a logo and you could argue that we had identifiers in the colours we used but there was nothing tying it all together. If you looked at the app it looked one way, if you looked at the homepage it looked a different way, if you looked at our car liveries they looked different still and don't get me started on our social media. Well, today all that changes.

The whole team was unanimous in agreeing that the change was needed, it was needed for a long time but the old logo and look was really designed to get us through our Beta phases and prove the concept that SGP is worth perusing. Well, we just went through 50,000 registered members on the platform and we feel at this point we can confidently say we have proven the concept and now it's on with the hard work. I do want to take this moment to apologise to my dear friend Jimmy for having to use the old logo for so long as neither of us were fans of it but it's all we had. And sorry to Jimmy's manager Luke for changing halfway through a season which means, new stickers for the cars, this is it for a while now I promise : )

The new brand identity is designed to establish key visual identifiers for SGP on all touch points. We eventually want you to see the symbol, or even just the shape of the symbol and recognise that it's SGP. All the elements in the logo and supporting visuals have a diagonal shear to suggest speed and momentum and the new logo wordmark and monogram are bold to symbolise reliability.

New livery designs have been created for some of our favourite cars in ACC including a Porsche and BMW from Boonatix, an Aston Martin from Ben at B22R and another Porsche from yours truly. All of these liveries will be made available for download soon. Supporting the launch of the new brand ID is a key visual which can be seen a the top of this page from the extremely talented Cammie from Go for the Gap.

As well as this update to the brand identity you can expect a new homepage in the near future too. We decided to keep things as familiar as possible while we roll out some new things and make some announcements. We know people don't like too much change so things on the homepage stay as they are for now.

The logos are all available to download for your use on posters, liveries and communication regarding SGP here

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Steve Worrell

CEO of Simracing.GP and passionate sim racer. I have been sim racing for over 20 years and have worked in marketing for consumer tech for over 10 years. My mission is to create a single destination for competitive racing online.