Password Locked Events Now Live on SGP

Password Locked Events Now Live on SGP

If you want to create exclusive events for your drivers subscribers or followers you now can using Password Locked Events on is fantastic for attracting drivers to your community, now with over 20,000 drivers registered on the platform it’s never been easier to get people racing. However there are times where you want to limit who can join your races, whether you are a YouTuber wanting to race with subs, a community owner who wants to create a special entry list, or friends just looking to race with each other.

Good news, on there are a couple of ways you limit who joins your races, the first is using the driver selector, simply choose the drivers from your community you wish to include on your entry list. Now, you have the option to add a password to your events (and soon championships & Series). 

How do you set up a password locked event? Easy! When you are setting up your event you will now see a button for “closed event” just tick that box and add a password below. 

If you leave the password field blank then the event will need to be populated by the driver selector feature. Once you have published your event your drivers will be asked for the password when they select their car.

That’s it, you now are ready to run events using password lock. We hope you have fun using this feature, don’t forget Password Locked championships and series will be coming very soon.

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