Ranked 1.5 is LIVE!

Ranked 1.5 is LIVE!

As some of you may have seen, Steve dropped that the next iteration of the ranking system would be live this week whilst on stage at the Sim Racing Expo. Well we are delighted to announce ranking 1.5 is now live on Simracing.GP with some really exciting features for our community owners and drivers. 

Steve, making the Ranked 1.5 Annoucement at ADAC Simracing Expo 2022

WIth SGP Ranking 1.5 comes an update to the Pure Performance ranking system. Version 1.0 was all about gathering data and optimising the system, with version 1.5 we are rolling out a more refined iteration of the system. We have improved the ranking calculations to make it fairer and more accurate across the board. This means your current SGP rank might change, don't worry though as this is the same for everyone. Moving forward achieving the top rankings will be slightly more challenging and offer a wider spread in the middle range. This allows us to more accurately rank drivers. This will become important and obvious why we made this change now before we get to Version 2.0...More on this soon.

The biggest feature of note for 1.5 is that Community Owners are able to limit entries to championships, classes or even certain cars using the drivers’ ranks. The categories available to limit are endless. You can sort by community join date, community race count, platform wide race count, DNF rate and many many more. This allows you to create a rookie class or a whole series just for your fastest drivers. You can also add more than one rule for each event or championship. It doesn’t just stop there though you can add rules for each individual class or car within an event. This will give you full control of who can enter the whole race or each class or car bringing full control back to our communities and allowing you easily create splits within your communities without the hassle of running evaluation races. 

The new features can be found under 'Entry Rules' during event creation.

It is now live on the platform so head over to the event, within your events settings head to the entry rules section and that is where you’ll find all the new options. If you’re struggling don’t hesitate to contact any of our admins who are willing to help. 

For drivers it’s pretty much the same as before, however now you will see the entry requirements for each event on the car tab when joining an event showing you the needed data for each class, car or the event.  

Drivers can see if they meet the requirements, when signing up.

As always, if you have any questions please send a message in our Discord or support@simracing.gp for any issues you encounter. 

Happy racing and we will see you on track soon. 

The Simracing.GP team.

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