SGP February 2023 update

SGP February 2023 update

February Update 

We have just rolled out some updates to Simracing.GP and we invite drivers and community owners to come and try the newly added features. 

New Community Button

Setting up a community on Simracing.GP has never been easier. You no longer need to book a demo with us to get started, you simply click the “New Community” button found on the main community list. From here you can set up races and championships just like any other community.

Some things to remember:

  • Your community won’t be visible to other people right away. You can still invite people to your community by sharing the link of your community with your friends. 
  • Your community will become visible to other people when you have achieved the following goals
  1. Have completed 10 races
  2. Have at least 5 upcoming races
  3. Have recorded 100 driver entries in the past 30 days
  • There is a time limit on servers of 6 hours per session while SGP is free. This should be more than enough for most races. However, if you need more to do an endurance race, just message the SGP team and we will extend the server time.

Automated Splits. 

We have just deployed our latest ranking feature, automated splits. This allows races on SGP to effectively have an unlimited entry list. Drivers are sorted into splits based on their ranking (and soon licenses) meaning close racing with drivers at your skill level. For now this feature is only available through the SGP community while we test its stability.

We are starting some test series on the SGP community including:

  • ACC Test series - 20 minute sprint races - GT3
  • AC Test Series - 20 Minute sprint races - Radical SR3
  • R3E Test Series - 20 Minute sprint races - TCR

These series will run round the clock with servers being locations moving to follow peak time across the globe. For example - Europe Peak time is 10:00 - 23:00. 

New Event Screen + Clean up

There has been a change to the way events are displayed in SGP both on the event itself or the “event page” and where events are found, or the “event tab”. 

Event Page: 

The event page has been decluttered removing all irrelevant information from view until it’s needed. The clearest example of this is the event passwords. These are now removed from the event page until the server is launched. This is another security measure to make SGP events more secure than ever but also it makes sense with multiple split events. Rather than showing the server information for all servers, drivers will only see the server information relevant to their split.

Quite simply. All the information you are used to is still there, it’s now just visible once the server has launched. 

Event tab:

The previous “Events” tab has been renamed to “Single Events”. Events on SGP now reside within their relevant tab, meaning, Single events can be found in “Single Events” Series events can be found within “Series” and Championships can be found in, you guessed it “Championships”

If you like the previous way SGP worked you can recreate that type of experience in the “Events” tab in the sidebar menu. Simply select the “My communities” filter button to only see events from the communities you are active in.

Custom Image Upload

This is well overdue but it’s finally here. You can now manually change your community profile picture and banners. When you upload a banner it gives you three options:

  1. 1800 x 400 - This is the main banner within your community
  2. 1000 x 150 - This is the image you see in the community list
  3. 400 x 300 - This is the image you see in mobile view

AMS2 New Server Configuration

We have deployed a new server config for AMS2. We are hopeful that it will work so we invite AMS2 communities to test AMS2 and report back with your experience. Our advice is to try and make sure the first person joining the server has a strong and stable internet connection. 

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Written by:

Steve Worrell

CEO of Simracing.GP and passionate sim racer. I have been sim racing for over 20 years and have worked in marketing for consumer tech for over 10 years. My mission is to create a single destination for competitive racing online.