Simracing.GP Guides - How To: Driver Swap Races

Simracing.GP Guides - How To: Driver Swap Races

Driver swaps on ACC are here, this is our how-to guide on setting up driver swap races on

It's time to go teams racing, finally! honestly, thank you for your patience in allowing us to get this finished but we are confident you will like it. As mentioned in the announcement post this feature is still in beta (I know, beta within a beta) and we are looking for you to test the feature first before we can officially call it finished. We are missing a "restart server" button which will be coming soon but for the most part the feature is all but done. Now, on to setting up your events.

To start building your team event, you want to click the red arrow next to ‘New Event’ and you will be welcomed by a ‘New Team Event’ button. Driver swaps are only supported by Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC) currently, so there will be no choice of game, it will load the event creation screen up for ACC.

The first steps of your event creation are the same as they would be for a Solo Race on Simracing.GP. Enter your race specifics such as track, race setup, cars and weather selection before heading to the ‘Team Rules’ tab. From here, you can select the Minimum (Min) and Maximum (Max) team drivers for each team as well as enable and timing rules such as a ‘Stint Timer’ and ‘Maximum Driving Time’ for each team.

Maximum Driving time relates to how long a driver can be out on track IN TOTAL during the race and is split evenly among the amount of drivers in each team. For example, if a team of 2 drivers has a Maximum Driving time of 5 hours, each driver can be out on track for 2 hours and 30 Minutes of the race.

Stint Time relates to how long a driver can be out on track BEFORE HAVING TO PIT. If you are new to Driver Swap races, we would strongly encourage you to test these features out in a few test races with your community to work out the best solution for your community.

You can also enforce a Mandatory driver swap on this part of the event creation, although I would remind you to turn this feature off if you have Min Team Drivers set to 1 as they will be unable to driver swap.

Once happy with your event, you can hit save, and your event is ready to get some drivers on track!

*this is an ACC system and NOT an SGP system so cannot be controlled by Simracing.GP

From here, I am ready to share my event with my drivers. Drivers will be met by the familiar event screen in which they can ‘Register Team’ next to the car they wish to drive. After selecting their car, they will be met by the team creation window. This allows them to input the important information such as Team name, Race Number and the all important PIN number that teammates will need to join a team. 

Once the car is registered, the first driver will be known as a Team Manager as they will effectively be able to control any settings specific to the team itself such as changing car number or distributing the PIN to their teammates.


Congratulations, your team is now registered to take part. Teammates can join your team, by heading to the ‘Teams’ tab and selecting ‘Join Team’ next to your team name, they will then need to enter the pin before being added to the roster.

You can check the roster with the V button to the right of your team and you will also be able to see a full roster in the Event Information Panel at the top of the event. Here you can make any adjustments you need to as a Team Manager.

In terms of the specifics of driver swap racing from the games perspective, feel free to check out the following video created by Jardier in which he delves into the depths of ACC Driver Swap racing to help you gain a better understanding here

During the Driver Swap Beta, Community owners will be limited to created Driver Swap races up to 6 hours long this is to ensure fair use of the system throughout all our communities. This will be extended in the future but is currently limited.

We appreciate your patience whilst we were developing these tools and cannot wait to see what races you create!

See you on track!


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Dan Terry

Head of Esports at Simracing.GP