SGP Rivals with Intel - Fire up those battles

SGP Rivals with Intel - Fire up those battles

SGP Rivals is coming this September and your team can take on your sim racing rivals in this epic duel across 3 sims.

On Friday 22nd September 12 teams of 2 drivers will represent their community in round 1 of SGP Rivals which takes place on RaceRoom, featuring free content, removing all barriers to joining.

The incredible CR1 Sports Cars will race around Portimao with all drivers scoring points towards their team totals.

Round 2 moves to Assetto Corsa and brings the battle of the MAD Formula cars to the GPK version of Suzuka. Take on a very different looking 130R in these crazy Formula Student cars.

The final race of the series sees the 12 teams jump into a multiclass battle on ACC.

Each team must run 1x GT3 car and 1x GT4 car in a final race that could easily swing the final standings at the very last minute.

Taking part will also be teams from partner Intel who have had their systems upgraded by the processor maker and their friends.

They will jump into the fray against seasoned SGP community teams and a few guests too!

All three races will be livestreamed and supporters are encouraged to get involved in the live chat to cheer their teams on in this duel against rivals.

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Written by:

Adam Eley

Head of Sales & Marketing