SGP Webinars - Episode 1 - Tomas, Adam & Dan give an update on Simracing.GP

SGP Webinars - Episode 1 - Tomas, Adam & Dan give an update on Simracing.GP

Over the past few weeks, we have been hard at work with updates and changes to Simracing.GP.

We wanted to start this off, with bringing you guys a look into what we have coming up, what has changed and what to look forward to down the line, the webinar video can be found here -

To note - the audio is very broken in this video, you can only hear the sultry tones of our Head of Sales and Marketing, Adam Eley, hence why I am putting together this supporting article, to cover off anything that I covered during the webinar!

Adam began by introducing the new team structure and introducing Tomas, our Managing Director and briefly explaining his role, before leading into Ruslanas, our CTO, the brain behind the SGP Pure Performance ranking system, along with our team of developers. Adam will be stepping up into the role of Head of Sales and Marketing with myself, Dan, continuing in the role of Head of Esports and Community Engagement.

Our Vision for SGP

We then went into discussing our vision for Simracing.GP. Ultimately, we want to make SGP the toolbox for communities to really excel in their ability to manage their community in the way they wish to. Over the course of the next few weeks, Communities will be able to automate the process of hosting around the clock, Daily Racing aswell as splitting their grids automatically based on SGP Pure Performance Rank.

This, alongside our extensive range of community tools, will make Simracing.GP the only place where anyone can have the ultimate freedom to create, promote and deliver on whatever their vision is for their Simracing community across the 3 titles that we fully support.

We also spoke about the options to support additional titles in the future, with a wider range of support available for titles that may not have the ability or need for us to hook server integration up to. And finally, yes, name changes are finally coming in the next few weeks!

Upcoming Activity

The first part of this section, we wanted to discuss the activity that we have been putting onto the platform recently, including the Logitech McLaren G Challenge & the Moza Racing Endurance Championship, and how the aim of these activities is for us to attract new users to the platform. Those new users take part in the activities that we establish on the platform, but then filter into searching through the other communities on the platform, to find a new home to race, therefore boosting the drivers taking part in all communities on the platform.

We then went on to briefly discuss what is coming up, with continued support from Logitech, Moza Racing and a few other commercial clients that we are keeping under our hat for now, but, you can look forward to seeing a whole heap of opportunities to race on the platform, managed by Simracing.GP, giving drivers the opportunity to battle the best drivers and take home a heap of prizes in the future.

I then went on to speak out the opportunities coming up for owners and admins using Simracing.GP, we have been known to offer smaller contractor roles to trusted members of the extended Simracing.GP team for some of our Commercial competitions, including the support team we put together for the Logitech McLaren G Challenge, and the competition team we put together for Team87’s Competition. This concept is in its early stages of development, however, down the line, we want to be able to offer these opportunities or similar to our community owners to apply for in the future.

Exiting Beta

The time has come, and across the next few weeks, you will see progress as we move away from being in ‘beta.’ Realistically, being in or not in ‘beta’ in this day in age, means relatively not a lot. The platform will still be worked on and developed, and we still have a list as long as my arm of feedback and suggestions that we want to review and add to the platform over the coming weeks & months. With that said, we will be introducing our payment systems steadily over the next few weeks. It is important to remember that it will never cost you to take part in a race on the platform. We will be introducing our community plans first, with community owners having to move into a community plan that best suits them, with tiers and pricing based on the tools that you wish to utilise for your community. Do not worry, even at the highest tier, it still costs less per month than a large practice server for your community.

More details regarding the community plans will come out as we roll out the updates, but we do not want to scare you and drop it on you out of nowhere.

Drivers will also be able to contribute towards a communities plan, and boost their favorite communities as part of a ‘Driver Premium’ option that we want to give our drivers who race on the platform. The Driver premium tools will mainly be cosmetic or extended options but still allow drivers to race on the platform for free.

With that, we came to the end of our SGP Webinar. We look to be scheduling these once a quarter and will vary in terms of topics and length.

See you on track,

The Simracing.GP Team

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Dan Terry

Head of Esports at Simracing.GP