Which wheel base to buy first?

Which wheel base to buy first?

So, you have read our getting into sim racing article and now think I want to give it a go! (If not you can find it here: https://www.simracing.gp/blog-posts/get-started-in-simracing.) But you haven’t got a clue where to start with the equipment side, well worry no more we’ve got you covered in this more in-depth look! We are going to give you a list of some amazing sim racing equipment from the best starter wheels to the money is no object ultimate high-end gear!


Logitech G29/G920: 

You want the ultimate bang for your buck wheel and pedals?! Well look no further the duo of Logitech wheels are the place to start! They are both compatible with PC. The G29 is for PlayStation consoles and the G920 is for the Xbox platform. In the box you get the wheel and a set of pedals, everything you need to get racing! 


Don’t get us wrong, the force feedback won’t break your wrist when the inevitable Monza turn 1 pile up happens but it’s more than enough to get you feeling what the car is doing. The wheel even comes with LED shift lights so you can feel like you’re in a real race car! You can find out more on the G29 here: Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel - UK 

(Photo credit: Logitech)


Thrustmaster T300RS

If you want to spend a bit more than the Logitech options this gets you into the T300RS, a belt driven wheel which is by design smoother than the cog driven G29/G920. Again, this comes with a set of pedals which is the perfect place to start without having to ruin your bank account. You want to feel even more like a real racing driver? Well, the T300RS gives you that option as it comes with the ability to remove and swap the wheel rim! Want to become an F1 driver for the day simply grab your F1 rim and off you go. Bored with single seaters? Grab your round rim and head off on some rally stages. You can find out more about the T300RS here: T300RS - | Thrustmaster


(Photo credit: Thrustmaster) 


Fanatec CSL DD

Now we are getting into the higher end equipment. If you really want to cause yourself some pain in the Monza turn 1 pile up. Well now you can at an even cheaper cost as the CSL DD is the entry level direct drive wheel. No more cogs or belts to give you force feedback, this is basically a steering wheel attached directly to the motor. This of course is now with the added costs of having to buy the wheelbase, the steering wheel and pedals separately. But the feel you get from having a direct drive wheel is well worth the extra costs. With a large range of wheels to suit any driving style the choices are endless. They also have several different pedal options to suit all budgets. The major plus point of the CSL DD is that you can get a table clamp which unlike other direct drive wheels means you don’t need the space for a full rig, however you do need one of the sturdiest desks known to mankind. Find out more on the CSL DD here: CSL DD 5 Nm | Fanatec


(Photo credit: Fanatec) 


Simucube 2 Pro

Money is not an issue? and you want to dive straight in at the deep end on your sim racing adventure then you can’t go too wrong with this wheelbase. Maxing out at a whopping 25nm of torque it’s got more than enough power to give you that real world feeling. The larger torque range is a bonus giving you an increased feel on the car’s movements. Of course, with this you will require a very strong rigid rig as even the sturdiest of desks would collapse at the sight of this wheel. 


There are also many wheels that you can buy from third parties which will work with this wheelbase which gives you a huge choice to find the perfect one for your set up. Of course, you need a quality set of pedals to go with this. But we will come out with the ultimate pedal guide soon. Find out more on the Simucube 2 Pro here: Simucube 2 Pro | Direct Drive Force Feedback Wheelbase 

(Photo credit: Simucube) 


Now you’ve chosen the perfect starting set up for you, get yourself registered on Simracing.GP, find a community and start racing! Just remember to watch out for those Monza turn 1 pile ups! 

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