Simracing.GP add custom BoP options

Simracing.GP add custom BoP options

Simracing.GP (SGP) can today announce that race organisers can now create and use their own custom BoP (Balance of Performance) across 3 sim titles.

While industry wide hype has been focused on BoP for Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC), SGP have spent time developing a fully custom system that works across ACC as well as Assetto Corsa (AC) and RaceRoom (R3E).

SGP communities can set and save parameters for any car on any track and deliver a championship of their imagination. In ACC it may be time to revive old friends like the Nissan GTR Nismo GT3 by making the fan favourite competitive with other GT3 class cars.

For AC fans, the opportunity is there to build balanced events, even if the cars being used come from multiple mod packs. Imagine blending the amazing VRC Super Tourers mod with other models from the same time period.

In RaceRoom the huge variety of cars available is often overlooked if they are not seen to have similar performance. Now whole classes can be more closely matched.

Commenting on the new features, Head of Sales and Marketing Adam Eley said: “We are excited to be able to offer our own unique take on the highly requested BoP feature. 

“For SGP it is always important that we remain innovative and that is why we have taken the time to develop a system that operates within our UI and integrates with our provided game servers, meaning no user has to deal with complicated configurations. 

“On top of this, it was important to us that we provided the tools across all of our server supported titles that had the capability to run BoP”.

The BoP values are created per event, but each organiser can then save values for future quick use, in essence developing their own community BoP and their own truly unique events.

To learn more, SGP are publishing videos and an article on their tutorials page.

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Written by:

Adam Eley

Head of Sales & Marketing