‍Simracing.GP Launches Drive2Win Competition with 100 Winners!

‍Simracing.GP Launches Drive2Win Competition with 100 Winners!

Simracing.GP Launches Drive2Win Competition with 100 Winners!

Drive2Win logo showing a variety of race cars on Assetto Corsa

Simracing.GP is thrilled to announce the launch of the Drive2Win competition, a unique opportunity for sim racing enthusiasts to win big simply by participating in their favourite hobby. This groundbreaking competition will reward 100 drivers for their dedication and engagement over a three-month period, from 17th June to 8th September 2024.

RaceRoom Silhouette Series race car

Drive2Win: How It Works

  • Earn Points for Racing: Drivers accumulate SGP Points by completing races. Each race finished earns 10 points, with an additional 5 points for the race winner.
    Races on Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, RaceRoom and Automobilista 2 will be featured.
  • Set-Up Creators Rewarded: Creators of car setups can earn an extra point every time their setup is downloaded by another user.
  • Community Engagement: Points are available for races hosted by both SGP and SGP-based communities, encouraging widespread participation.
    At the end of the three months, prizes will also be awarded to the top 3 points collecting communities.


GT3 race cars in Assetto Corsa Competizione

Exciting Prizes The top 100 points scorers will receive a 'Global Gift Card' from GoGift. This flexible prize can be converted into gift cards for thousands of retailers worldwide or transferred to a pre-paid card usable anywhere, ensuring that winners can enjoy their rewards no matter where they are.

GT3 race car in RaceRoom

Innovative Features and Community Focus Simracing.GP continues to enhance the user experience with features like:

These additions make it easier than ever to join the action and start earning points. Regular racing events are hosted with increased slots across different time zones, ensuring global accessibility. 

Community Engagement and Special Events Each month, one community will be randomly selected to host a 'Double Points Week,' adding excitement and extra incentive to participate.

Additionally, a calendar of special events, including 'Double Points' opportunities, will be published soon.

Brazilian Stock Cars in Automobilista 2

Quote from the Founder

Tomas Vaiciunas, Managing Director of Simracing.GP, stated, "Drive2Win is more than just a competition; it's a celebration of the passion and dedication within the sim racing community. We're excited to offer an inclusive platform where every driver has the opportunity to be rewarded, not just the fastest. Our goal is to create a vibrant and engaging environment that encourages participation and community spirit. We can't wait to see everyone on the track and watch the excitement unfold over the next three months."

Join the Action Stay tuned for more updates as Simracing.GP continues to evolve. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be rewarded for doing what you love. For more information, visit Simracing.GP.

About Simracing.GP Simracing.GP is dedicated to providing a seamless and engaging platform for sim racers around the world. With a focus on community, innovation, and ease of use, Simracing.GP offers a unique experience for both casual and competitive racers.

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