Simracing.GP exits beta mode and delivers new features for communities

Simracing.GP exits beta mode and delivers new features for communities

Simracing.GP (SGP) can today announce that the community and driver platform is exiting beta mode from today.

Over a 3-year development journey the site has grown to hosting over 600 racing communities around the world and providing racing opportunities to almost 75,000 drivers.

Alongside the move out of beta mode, SGP has also rolled out a number of new features for communities in an ongoing push to provide the ultimate toolbox for communities to deliver incredible racing in the easiest way possible.

The new features include the introduction of around the clock daily racing options and an automatic splitting function that allows communities to have multi-split entry lists automatically calculated by using SGP Pure Performance Rank.

Commenting on the changes, Managing Director Tomas Vaiciunas said: “This is an incredibly exciting moment for all of us at SGP.

“The goal of Simracing.GP was removing barriers to run racing for everyone who had ideas how to organise races from a small group of friends to worldwide racing communities, and these latest updates support that journey. 

“Leaving beta is a milestone moment for us, but doesn’t signify the end of development. We are committed to developing even more tools that empower our communities to grow and take on the biggest in the industry.”.

At the same time as the beta exit, SGP are also introducing options for drivers to contribute to the running of the communities that they race with and to the further development of the SGP platform by signing up to ‘Driver Plans’.

The plans are optional and there will always be a free ‘Eco’ mode, but the option to upgrade to ‘Drive’ or ‘Sport’ unlocks additional features and increases contributions to communities of the driver’s choice through ‘Fuel’ which can then be added to the tank of their selected community.

With more announcements on developments due throughout the year, it is an exciting time to be part of the SGP journey. 

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Written by:

Adam Eley

Head of Sales & Marketing