Simracing.GP launches practice servers

Simracing.GP launches practice servers

Simracing.GP (SGP) can today announce that communities and drivers registered to the platform can launch practice servers for upcoming events.

The servers allow users to simply create sessions using the settings of an event that has already been created, meaning that they can very easily experience the conditions they will face, without the need for creating a complex session by themselves.

Practice servers are now available for Assetto Corsa (AC), Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC), Raceroom (R3E) and Automobilista 2 (AMS2).

The practice servers on demand approach offers a different way of working to most current solutions where servers are often sat empty, costing money and using energy. SGP’s solution allows drivers and communities to launch servers as and when they want to use them, making practicing more efficient both financially and in the use of energy.

Commenting on the changes, Managing Director Tomas Vaiciunas said: “We have added practice servers to increase the value provided by SGP to communities and users. 

“Communities and users will be able to use ‘fuel’ to launch open practice servers. Practice servers are an important part of sim racing. SGP previously had an ability to launch practice sessions with driver registration for communities and now we are providing a more flexible, an open practice format that is more familiar to simracers. 

“We hope that sim racers will enjoy the easiest way to launch practice servers”.

Payment for the launching of practice servers is through the ‘fuel’ that drivers and communities have as part of their SGP subscription plans. Now, when communities have extra fuel in their tank they can use it to fire up a server - and drivers can use the fuel allocated to them as part of their subscription to do exactly the same without any additional cost.

To learn more, SGP are publishing videos and an article on their tutorials page.

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Written by:

Adam Eley

Head of Sales & Marketing