TCR Virtual powered by begins

TCR Virtual powered by begins

The first official TCR esports organised by WSC Group open to the public launches on WSC Group are the organisation responsible for real-world TCR Racing all over the globe and this is their first attempt at offering an esports tournament for the general public to participate in. was chosen as the platform for the competition as it offers unprecedented levels of automation which unlocks the possibility for unique tournament formats. Typically with Motorsport Esports events drivers must qualify by taking part in a hotlap leaderboard competition meaning you need to set your fastest lap around a given track. This alienates the majority of the gamers out there as they know they won't be able to compete at the top level.

Thanks to TCR Virtual offers a revolutionary tournament format. A knockout competition takes place where everyone gets to race from the start. In round one the top 50% of the race finishers will progress to the next race. This means the competition is directly related to racing skill not one lap pace. This opens the door for many more people to take part as they will fancy their chances in a race as anything can happen.

TCR Virtual is a global competition with regional knockouts determining regional champions with the top drivers from each region being invited to an on-site grand finale where the winner will win a test in a real-world TCR car. Moreover, there is €10,000 in cash prizes up for grabs in the regional knockout phase.

This is a truly represents a step change in motorsport esports becoming more accessible to more people.

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