TRACC - Touring car racing using RaceRoom

TRACC - Touring car racing using RaceRoom

If you love touring car racing and are looking for a friendly bunch of respectful drivers, check out Tracc on

I had the pleasure of driving with Tracc over the weekend and I was very impressed with the community, both with how I was welcomed into the group but also the driving standards were great. The event I participated in was a WTCR race using the free content available on RaceRoom which meant I simply singed up on SGP and booted Raceroom when the server launched and I was in. The guys in the discord were very friendly and I had a couple of amazing battles in both races. As it was a reverse grid for the second race I found myself on pole for race two (yes I finished last in race one) and was able to have a very respectful battle with the quicker guys as they were coming through.

I'm hoping to take part in the upcoming 2020 DTM championship Tracc are hosting on SGP later this month.

To race with TRACC all you need to do is join their community on HERE and visit their discord HERE

Words from Tracc:

Close battles, challenging cars and a friendly community. If these expressions sound like your dream come true, TRACC is your destination.

They are racers through and through, offering a wide variety of events. Classic 1992 DTM’s, modern touring cars or beastly 2020 DTM’s, all is available. Races range from exotic tracks to events for racers with only free content or the RaceRoom starter pack.

Events happen everyday, Monday and Tuesday being reserved for the 2020 DTM and WTCR championships, respectively. Wednesday and Thursday bring daily events featuring classic and modern touring cars. The weekend is reserved for people newer to RaceRoom.

On “Free Friday”racers do not require any additional expansion packs. “Starter Saturday” only features cars and Tracks in the affordable entry-level DLC: Starter Pack. And“Banger Sunday” is a special banger racing event with the NSU TTS. Only the starter pack is required for this as well.

You can find further information on their website .

To race with TRACC all you need to do is join their community on HERE and visit their discord HERE

There you can find all information you need.

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