SGP Racing in Q4 2023 and beyond

SGP Racing in Q4 2023 and beyond

What a year its been, and we are not done yet!

Over the past few weeks and months, we have looked at how we can refresh our racing activities at Simracing.GP and worked with the team at SGP Racing to build a platform of racing that will help drivers get used to using the platform, get them involved in fun, and fast races aswell as that feeling of taking part in keynote events throughout the year, that sometimes they may feel too afraid to take part in!

Starting on the 16th October, the 'Welcome to Simracing.GP' Series will start, with races on Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competzione and Raceroom designed to get drivers through their 'Rookies' Safety License and into the wider world of racing on Simracing.GP.

Simracing.GP launces a series designed to get drivers off their rookie licenses

Races will take part on set days, with Monday's being for the Raceroom monster that is the CR1 Sports car, utilising the range of FREE content avalible within that title, racing on 4 of the 5 free tracks. Tuesday's will feature a favorite from the Logitech McLaren G Challenge Community Circuit, in the Tatuus FA01 on Assetto Corsa with a selection of action packed tracks for open wheelers. These races will be free of any mods and use base game content, again, allowing for drivers to get on track without having to need a huge budget, or wide range of technical knowledge within these titles.

Wednesday's will be off at the moment, with space left for the amazing Automobilsta 2, as we are still working on moving this out of beta and supporting ranked racing within that title. Thursdays will be the day for Assetto Corsa Competizione racing, with GT3 machinery across a selection of tracks.

We are not done with just that, Fridays will feature the final GT3 Sprint Championship, with 4 rounds still remaining, before moving onto a fan favorite, of the 'IGT4 Championship' with drivers tackling GT4's around the Intercontinental GT Tracks from the DLC plus Spa Francorchamps for good measure. During the weekends, SGP Racing will host a selection of 'SPECIAL' one-off events, beginning on the 5th November, with a 6 Hour Endurance race at Nurburgring as part of the Moza Endurance Championship, before preparing for one of the biggest special events of all time, the SGP24, a charity, 24 Hour Driver Swap race on Assetto Corsa Competizione.

These events will feature the safety license tools when registering, with drivers being able to sign up once they have achieved their BRONZE license in each chosen title.

As we move into the closing phases of 2023, community events will come back, including the super popular '10 Days of Christmas' that has been refreshed for its first year with SGP Racing, but its fourth year for the organisers. Fun, relaxed events will be mixed with super competitive festive returning events, including the 'Solo Endurance Trophy' a 2.4 Hour event on Assetto Corsa Competizione featuring both GT3 & GT4 cars at Silverstone. Wreckfest, F1 2023, Assetto Corsa and others will also be included in the festive 10 day period.

I apprecaite that we do not normally do these sort of blog posts, for SGP Racing, however, with big changes afoot, we wanted to give everyone a nice summary of what to look forward to as we close out 2023 with style!

See you on track


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Written by:

Dan Terry

Head of Esports at Simracing.GP