G Challenge Sporting Regulations - English

Logitech G Challenge 2022

Sporting Regulations

Version 4 - October 4, 2022

1. Competition Overview

1.1 Tournament Overview

The Logitech McLaren G Challenge returns in 2022 for a new year of global competition. Drivers around the globe will compete in one of four regional tournaments to win a share in cash and prizes from Logitech G (“Organizer” or “Logitech G”) and McLaren. The 2022 G Challenge will run from October 2022 - March 2023. This year Simracing.gp is operating the competition on its platform as the event’s tournament operator (“Tournament Operator” or “Simracing”) and the competition will feature a new-and-improved format with live qualifying and knockout races leading all the way to each Regional Grand Finals in March 2023.

1.2 Format Overview

The 2022 Logitech G Challenge will be played exclusively on Assetto Corsa Competizione (“ACC”) for PC on the Steam platform. For the first time in the G Challenge, all drivers will be racing in the full range of McLaren Machinery on ACC — including the modest 570s, the classic 650s and the modern 720s. The Logitech G Challenge 2022/23 season will be divided into 3 racing splits and 1 last chance qualifier split (collectively “Splits”) per region. Each Split offers multiplem opportunities for drivers to qualify for their respective regional finals (“Regional Grand Finals”) and earn cash/product prizes. The competition will take place across 4 regions -

Europe (EU), North America (NA), Asia-Pacific (APAC), and Latin America (LATAM). Each region will follow the same roadmap, format, and prizing structure. Registered drivers will start by participating in a global qualification phase on Simracing.GP. Participants may take part in 24/7 races with the aim to complete a short sprint race with valid laps against other competitors, they can then head into region selection before the knockout phase begins. Drivers who are eliminated from early knockout rounds (knockout round 1 and knockout round 2) of Split 1, Split 2, or Split 3 will be offered a second chance to qualify later in the week. Each round within a Split will progress in difficulty, with more difficult machinery at your hands, and a longer race format the further you progress. Drivers who are eliminated from early knockout rounds (Round 1 and 2) of Split 1, Split 2, or Split 3 will be offered a second chance to qualify later in the week. The top 4 drivers in each Split Final will be invited to take part in the Regional Grand Finals for a chance to take away the grand prize. All initial race results throughout the competition are initially determined by ACC data and in-game penalties. Then, these results are adjusted by stewards and penalties/protests, if applicable, to determine the final race results. In the Regional Grand Finals, there is a point system, as described in Section 2.4.3, that shall apply to the final ACC results from each of the (3) races.

1.3 Calendar

● Qualifier Races: 04-OCT-2022 - 20-FEB-2023


● Split 1 Qualifying: 04-OCT-2022 - 17-OCT-2022

● Knockout Round 1: 18-OCT-2022

● Second Chance Round 1: 22-OCT-2022

● Knockout Round 2: 25-OCT-2022

● Second Chance Round 2: 29-OCT-2022

● Knockout Round 3: 01-NOV-2022

● Knockout Round 4: 08-NOV-2022

● Split Final: 12-NOV-2022


● Split 2 Qualifying: 18-OCT-2022 - 14-NOV-2022

● Knockout Round 1: 15-NOV-2022

● Second Chance Round 1: 19-NOV-2022

● Knockout Round 2: 22-NOV-2022

● Second Chance Round 2: 03-DEC-2022

● Knockout Round 3: 06-DEC-2022

● Knockout Round 4: 13-DEC-2022

● Split Final: 17-DEC-2022


● Split 3 Qualifying: 15-Nov-2022 - 09-Jan-2023

● Knockout Round 1: 10-JAN-2023

● Second Chance Round 1: 14-JAN-2023

● Knockout Round 2: 17-JAN-2023

● Second Chance Round 2: 21-JAN-2023

● Knockout Round 3: 24-JAN-2023

● Knockout Round 4: 31-JAN-2023

● Split Final: 04-FEB-2023


● Last Chance Qualifying: 10-JAN-2023 - 20-FEB-2023

● Knockout Round 1 - 21-FEB-2023

● Knockout Round 2- 25-FEB-2023

● Knockout Round 3 - 28-FEB-2023

● Split Final- 04-MAR-2023


● LATAM & APAC: 16-MAR-2023

● NA & EU: 19-MAR-2023

Visit Simracing.GP for more information about the schedule of the tournaments and qualifiers.

1.4 Eligibility

In order to participate in the Logitech McLaren G Challenge, each participant must comply with Logitech G eligibility requirements as stated in this link:

In addition to the Logitech G eligibility requirements, each participant must:

● Own a valid and certified copy of Assetto Corsa Competizione PC Version playable on Steam.

● Have a valid Simracing.GP account, Discord account and Steam account.

● Associate their Discord and Steam accounts to their driver profile.

● Join the Logitech G Challenge Community on Simracing.GP.

● Set driver profile to driver’s real name and surname.

1.5 Logitech G Challenge Discord

All competition relevant communication will be handled in the LOGITECH G CHALLENGE 2022 DISCORD SERVER. Access to this server can be obtained via this link - https://discord.gg/6y6xFdNAn3 Discord will act as the main communications hub throughout the competition.

1.6 Scrutineering

To ensure a fair playing ground for all participants, the Tournament Operator reserves the right to request replay footage and motec data from drivers at any point of the tournament, to which the participant must adhere within the time frame specified in the request. Failure to do so may result in the participant’s removal from an event or the entire competition and any other subsequent competitions held by the Tournament Operator or Organizer.

1.7 Driver etiquette and code of behavior

The Tournament Operator and Organizer consider the code of conduct a fundamental aspect in every esports competition. It is precisely for that reason that if any driver involved in the Logitech G Challenge acts in any of the following ways, the Organizer and/or Tournament Operator have the right to disqualify the player with immediate effect.

● Unsporting conduct (insults in the game chat directed to other players, marshalls, organizer etc);

● Driver ping being unstable or over the agreed upon limit of 150m/s for a consistent period of time.

● Obscene insults to the organizing staff and subjects involved (online and offline) on any social platform, websites, forums etc;

● Any kind of cheating will bring the guilty player to an instant ban from the competition and from our future events;

● Drivers must keep discussions, feedback and opinions in a reasonable and constructive manner; or

● Any postings on social media, discord or other communication channels which damage the brands involved in the Logitech G Challenge, its competitions, employees, exhibitors or partners will be sanctioned.

1.8 Prizes

1.8.1 Regional Grand Finals

$25,000 in cash will be distributed to the top 16 drivers of each Regional Grand Final.

● Regional Grand Final Winner - (a) $10,000 USD in cash, (b) 2023 F1 Austrian Grand Prix VIP Experience for two (2) persons (including transportation, 5-nights accommodation & meals, two (2) 4-day Grand Prix passes and a VIP Paddock Tour, (c) one (1) Logitech G Pro Sim Wheel & Pro Pedals rrp $1,350 USD, (d) one (1) McLaren Drivers Jacket rrp $126 USD and (e) one (1) Driver’s Cap rrp $38 USD.

● 2nd Place - $6,000 USD

● 3rd Place - $3,000 USD

● 4th Place - $1,000 USD

● 5-8th Place - $750 USD each

● 9-16th Place - $250 USD each

1.8.2 Knockout Rounds

During each Split, prizes will be awarded to drivers who reach each region's Split Final.

● Top 2 in each Split Final - one (1) signed Lando Norris 1:18 Scale Formula 1 McLaren rrp $112 USD each

● Top 8 in each Split Final - one (1) Pro X Wireless Headset rrp $230 USD each

1.9 Broadcast Expectations

During any recorded or broadcasted races, participants are expected to adhere to any modified schedules or instructions from competition production or race admins. During live races, stewards and administrators receive final say in any penalties, disputes, or changes in race results.

1.9.1 Liveries

During a broadcasted or recorded race, drivers will be instructed to equip a specific livery for their vehicle before competing. These liveries may be pre-built in game, or may require additional installations – instructions in this case to be provided by competition production

and race administrators. Failure to select the pre-specified liveries may result in being removed from a race server. Drivers will be given a chance to select the correct liveries and return to the server, if a driver returns to a race multiple times in the incorrect liveries, the Tournament Operator and/or the Organizer reserve the right to remove them from the race.

1.9.2 Technical Tests & Attendance

Regional Grand Finalists may be required to be in attendance 15-30 minutes before a scheduled broadcast to complete any necessary technical tests, troubleshooting, or pre-production tasks.

2. Competition Format

2.1 Qualifying Phase / Logitech G Challenge Qualifying Achievement

Drivers will be required to compete in qualifying races and pass the achievement criteria. To receive the qualification achievement (the “Qualifying Achievement”), racers must complete a qualifier race with the following achievement criteria:

- Complete at least 4 Clean Laps (as defined below); and

- Complete full race distance.

A Clean Lap means a full lap where the driver has kept all 4 wheels within track limits. The Tournament Operator will refer to the ACC game data to define a Clean Lap. If the ACC game invalidates a driver’s lap, this would mean an ‘unclean lap.’ The game outputs the information that the Tournament Operator translates into whether or not a driver has driven a Clean Lap. This cannot be changed by the Tournament Operator post-race. Drivers can track progress of the Qualifying Achievement via their ‘Drivers Profile’ on Simracing.GP. Once a driver has earned the Qualifying Achievement, they will be able to access the next stages of the competition.

2.2 Knockout Phase

2.2.1 Regional Knockout Rounds

After drivers receive their Qualifying Achievement, they will be able to select their region from the competition hub on Simracing.GP. Once drivers have selected their region, they will be locked into that region for the remainder of the competition. Once the Qualifying Achievement has been unlocked, drivers in each region will be able to directly register for the knockout phase of each Split. Once a racer has unlocked the Qualifying Achievement, they do not need to re-qualify and are eligible to enter the first round of all subsequent knockout phases. Each Split culminates in a Split Final, consisting of 16 racers, with the top 4 finishers earning a spot in their respective Regional Grand Final. There will be up to 4 knockout rounds per Split in each region, depending on how many racers have signed up and qualified. Each race will consist of a maximum of 25 drivers per race.

During the first 2 knockout rounds, drivers who do not progress into the next knockout round will be invited to take part in an additional race where they will have a second chance to advance. The number of drivers that advance to each knockout round shall be determined as a percentage of the top drivers of each race and such percentage shall be based on the number of drivers that signed up at the start of each knockout phase.

2.2.2 Regional Split Finals

For each regional Split Final, the top 16 drivers will take part in a 60 minute sprint race, with a mandatory pit stop. The top 4 drivers of each Split Final will earn a slot in the Regional Grand Final which shall take place at the end of all Splits.

2.3 Regional Grand Finals

After all Splits have concluded, the top 4 drivers of each Split Final per region will be invitedn to their respective Regional Grand Finals where they will compete for a share of $25,000 USD alongside a host of other prizes from Logitech G and McLaren. There will be 16 drivers (4 top drivers from each Split Final) in total participating in each Regional Grand Final. The format of the Regional Grand Finals will be a 3-race championship, utilizing the full range of McLaren Machinery and a point system based on finishes in each race.

The Regional Grand Finals will be live stewarded pursuant to Section 3 below.

2.4 Race Formats

2.4.1 Qualification Phase

● CAR: McLaren 720s

● SETUP: Open


○ Brands Hatch (Split #1)

○ Hungaroring (Split #2)

○ Misano (Split #3)

○ Brands Hatch (LCQ)

● FORMAT: 3 minute Practice / 5 minute Qualifying / 10 minute Race

2.4.2 Knockout Phase

Each Split will follow the format below with respect to its knockout rounds. Second chance races in Round 1 and 2 will use the same format as the previous race for that round.

Knockout Round 1

● CAR: McLaren 720s

● SETUP: Open

● TRACK: Misano

● FORMAT: 5 minute Practice / 5 minute Qualifying / 15 minute Race

Knockout Round 2

● CAR: McLaren 650s

● SETUP: Open

● TRACK: Hungaroring

● FORMAT: 5 minute Practice / 5 minute Qualifying / 20 minute Race

Knockout Round 3

● CAR: McLaren 570s

● SETUP: Open

● TRACK: Brands Hatch

● FORMAT: 5 minute Practice / 5 minute Qualifying / 25 minute Race

Knockout Round 4

● CAR: McLaren 720s

● SETUP: Open

● TRACK: Misano

● FORMAT: 5 minute Practice / 5 minute Qualifying / 30 minute Race

Split Final

● CAR: McLaren 720s

● SETUP: Open

● TRACK: Hungaroring/New Branded Track

● FORMAT: 5 minute Practice / 10 minute Qualifying / 60 minute Race (1 Pitstop for


Note for LCQ split: The format of the LCQ split will match the above format, with the absence of second chance races. With respect to LCQ knockout rounds, round 4 will be used on a provisional basis and may not be required.

2.4.3 Regional Grand Finals

There will be four (4) Regional Grand Finals. Each Regional Grand Final will consist of three (3) races utilizing the full range of McLaren Machinery in Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Race #1

● CAR: McLaren 570s

● SETUP: Open

● TRACK: Misano

● FORMAT: 5 minute Practice / 5 minute Qualifying / 20 minute Race

Race #2

● CAR: McLaren 650s

● SETUP: Open

● TRACK: Brands Hatch

● FORMAT: 5 minute Practice / 5 minute Qualifying / 20 minute Race

Race #3

● CAR: McLaren 720s

● SETUP: Open

● TRACK: Hungaroring

● FORMAT: 5 minute Practice / 5 minute Qualifying / 20 minute Race

For the Regional Grand Finals, points will be awarded to the top 10 drivers within each race pursuant to the point system below. At the end of the Regional Grand Finals races, the driver of each region with the highest cumulative point score will win the Grand Prize.

Position Points

1. 20

2. 15

3. 11

4. 9

5. 7

6. 5

7. 4

8. 3

9. 2

10. 1

11-16 0

2.4.4 Tiebreakers

In the event that two or more drivers end up with the same amount of points, the following will be used as criteria to break the ties:

1. Most races won; and

2. Most second places, then third places, and so forth.

3. Incidents, Reporting and Stewarding

For this competition, there will be a mixture of live and post-race stewarding. In the knockout phase, all rounds will be post-race stewarded, whereas the Regional Grand Finals will be live stewarded by a dedicated race control team.

3.1 Post Race Stewarding

During official knockout races, each driver may report up to two (2) incidents that they were involved in during each race. Drivers can do this via the ‘Logitech G Challenge 2022 - Incident Report Form’ found here. The race control team will review incident reports and make decisions based on the merit of the report. Should a driver be deemed to cause a Race-Ending Incident, defined as an incident involving more than one (1) car where a driver’s car was not able to continue in the race, they will be disqualified from the race in which the incident took place.

3.2 Live Stewarding

All past and currently investigated incidents are available in the stewards race report. The location of the report will be made public in the relevant race discord channel. Should an incident not be on the stewards race report, a driver can submit an incident report and have said incident be reviewed without using up one of their two incident report attempts as stated in Section 3.1 above. Drivers will be made aware of impending penalties via the in-game text chat during the race itself.

3.3 Penalties

During the post race stewarding phase, drivers who cause Race-Ending Incidents will be disqualified from the race in which they caused the incident. This would mean that they shall be moved to the bottom of the race results in that particular race. Disqualified drivers may still compete in second chance races if applicable to the current round or Split. During the live stewarding phase, drivers will be issued the following penalties during any competition race:

3.3.1 Racing Penalties

For races less than 60 minutes long, these penalties will be used:

● Warnings: drivers will be awarded up to one (1) warning for any minor contact. On

receipt of 2nd warning, the car will receive the next ‘Major Incident’ penalty they are due.

● 1st Major Incident: 5 second penalty

● 2nd Major Incident: 15 second penalty

● 3rd Major Incident: drive thru penalty For races longer or equal to 60 minutes long, the following penalties will be used:

● Warnings: Drivers will be awarded up to one (1) warning for any minor contact. On receipt of 2nd warning, the car will receive the next ‘Major Incident’ penalty they are due.

● 1st Major Incident: 15 second penalty

● 2nd Major Incident: Drive-thru penalty

● 3rd Major Incident: Stop and Go 30 second penalty

After 3 Major Incidents, the race director has the right to disqualify the driver’s car from the race should any further incident occur.

3.3.2 Non-Racing Related Penalties

The race director receives extra grounds to penalize drivers should any of the following issues occur:

● Messaging using in-game text chat during live race track: 5 second penalty.

● Lights are to remain on at all times that the game requires. Failure to do so will result in + 5 seconds.

● Deliberate removal of any of the braking markers or pit boards: 5 second penalty.

● Hazard Lights (both indicators flashing) are not to be used during the race session. A single indicator can be used, but is not required, to indicate to the driver behind which direction you will be moving when allowing a car to come past you. Failure to follow this will result in a warning given to your car.

● Blue Flagged Vehicles are not to fight drivers on the lead lap. They can continue to

race as normal and drivers on the lead lap are to ensure they make a safe overtake on any cars that have been blueflagged. Cars are allowed to get a lap back if they are faster than the car in front. Drivers must be civil and respectful if a lapped car is attempting to gain a lap back and not go out of their way to defend from them.

3.3.3 Game-Determined Penalties

Any penalties that the ACC game determines that are applicable to the drivers or their car are expected to be respected by the Tournament Operator and Organizer. The race control team will not remove these penalties.

3.4 Protests

Should you wish to protest a penalty on your car, you can do so using the Protest Form. The protest must include video footage of the incident with following settings:

● Your cockpit view with the steering wheel and HUD visible

● Your chase cam with HUD visible

● Their cockpit view with steering wheel and HUD visible

● Their chase cam with HUD visible

● The heli cam with HUD visible

The protester must make sure to include 15 seconds before and after the incident and that the footage is normal 1x speed. The video footage may be recorded with a screen capturing software (OBS, ShadowPlay, etc.) or a smartphone. If any of the named criteria are missing, the protest will be dismissed.

The race director will make a ruling before the end of the current round or event and will announce it publicly in the relevant channels on Discord. All penalty modifications made by race stewards will be considered final.

Participants are allowed two (2) protests during each round of the Split and are to be submitted within one (1) hour of the end of the race; they must be submitted within the appropriate support channels in the official discord server.

Any action deemed by the race director, Tournament Operator and Organizer to represent unsportsmanlike conduct may be penalized at their discretion.