NLR GT3 CUP Sporting Regulations



To celebrate the launch of the new brand identity for Simracing.GP we are delighted to announce the return of the Next Level Racing GT3 Cup. If you aren't familiar with the NLR GT3 CUP don't worry, it was a test tournament we ran during the closed beta for SGP. As you know we are still in open beta phase and are gearing up for a full public access launch soon but as a thank you to all the drivers which have contributed to the successful testing of the platform we are hosting another knockout tournament, this time on ACC.


To join this event you must join the Next Level Racing Discord Server and retrieve the password for this Special Event Community.

Once You have gained access you must enter a heat scheduled to start on Tuesday May 17th from 17:00 UTC


Let's get straight to the important stuff, what you can win. Well the good news is that there are prizes not just for the quickest drivers. Here is the complete list of what you can win.

1) Join special event & Join NLR Discord - Prize Draw (Random Winner Selected) - Prize TBC (announced W/C9th May)

2) Complete 100% race distance in each round - One driver selected at random - Free Standing Keyboard or Monitor Stand

3) Third place in overall Tournament - NLR Prize TBC (announced W/C9th May)

4) Second place in overall Tournament - GT Elite Cockpit worth £749

5) First Place in overall tournament - GT Elite Cockpit + Seat + Monitor Stand - In total Worth £1277

*** Please Check Terms and Conditions for Prize giving restrictions ***

The Format

This is a knockout tournament, meaning no hotlap qualifying, it's straight out racing from the start. The aim is to get to the final race by being promoted through each of the rounds and avoid being eliminated by finishing in the "Elimination Zone" in each round.

Everybody enters in Round One by joining one of the "heats" in this case they all take part on Tuesdays with round one taking place on Tuesday 17th May. The heats are set five minutes apart and run from 17:00 UTC - 20:00 UTC.

The races will be short sprint races up to a maximum of an hour for the final. The conditions of the track and pitstop requirement will be announced upon completion of the previous round.

How To Progress

To qualify you must finish outside of the "Elimination Zone" in each round. In Round One we guarantee at least 50% of the drivers will progress to round two. This number may be higher than 50% depending on number of drivers taking part but it won't be lower. From then on the number of drivers progressing will get smaller as we aim to whittle the driver numbers down to a final race. The number of drivers which progress from each round will be communicated in the NLR Discord at the end of each round.


Starting Tuesday 17th May drivers can register to the Next Level Racing Special event on SGP and join the NLR Discord now. You can then register for a heat on Simracing.GP.

Races will start every five minutes from 17:00 UTC until 20:00 UTC or when grids aren't full.


The first four rounds of the Next Level Racing GT3 Cup will be post-race stewarded using the incident report form found the relevant discord. Each driver can report up to 2 incidents per round. Drivers deemed to have caused a ‘race-ending incident’ will lose their spot in the next round.

The Final will be Live Stewarded and the rules for that round can be found below, alongside a few helpful guidelines for all drivers throughout the competition

The following passages will be used during the Final Round of the Competition

All drivers are expected not to impede each other during the free practice session.

All drivers need to work together to create space during the initial out lap in the session. During the qualifying period, if you decide not to set a ‘hot lap’ please stay well clear of the ‘racing line’ so that you do not impede others that may be on their lap.


The Race Director will not remove any penalties issued by the software for issues including, but not limited to, being out of position at race start, or exceeding the warranted 3 track cuts during an event


Warnings:- Drivers will be awarded up to 1 warning for any minor contact. On receipt of 2nd warning, the car will receive the next ‘Major Incident’ penalty they are due. 

1st Major Incident:- 15 Second Penalty 

2nd Major Incident:- Drive Through Penalty 

3rd Major Incident:- Stop & Go 30 Seconds Penalty

After 3 Major Incidents, The Race Director has the right to DSQ your car from the race should any further incident occur


The Race Director also has extra grounds to penalise drivers should any of the following issues occur. 

Messaging using in-game text chat during live race track:- 5 Second Penalty

Lights are to remain on at all times that the game requires. Failure to do so will result in + 5 Seconds.

Deliberate removal of any of the braking markers or pit boards will result in +5 Seconds. 

Hazard Lights (both indicators flashing) are not to be used during the race session. A single indicator can be used, but is not required, to indicate to the driver behind which direction you will be moving when allowing a car to come past you. Failure to follow this will result in a warning given to your car. 

Blue Flagged Vehicles are not allowed to battle with drivers on the lead lap. It is the drivers on the lead laps responsibility to ensure a safe overtake is conducted at an appropriate time.

Cars are allowed to get a lap back if they are faster than the car in front. Please be civil and respectful if a lapped car is attempting to gain a lap back and not go out of your way to defend from them. It will affect both your races in the long term.


Should you wish to protest a penalty on your car, you can do so using the Protest Form supplied in the relevant race discord channel. 

The protest must include video footage of the incident with following settings: 

- Your Cockpit view with the steering wheel and HUD visible 

- Your Chase cam with HUD visible 

- Their Cockpit view with steering wheel and HUD visible

- Their Chase cam with HUD visible 

- The heli cam with HUD visible 

The protester has to make sure to include 15 seconds before and after the incident and that the footage is normal 1x Speed. The video footage may be recorded with a screen capturing software (OBS, ShadowPlay, etc.) or a smartphone and uploaded to YouTube. If any of the named criteria are missing, the protest will be dismissed.

The Race Director will make a decision before the event and will announce it publicly in the relevant channel on discord. Cars are allowed 2 Protests during each round of the competition

Any action deemed by the Race Director to represent unsportsmanlike conduct may be penalised at their discretion.