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It's time to celebrate the heroes in your community. Introducing the SGP ranking system. A bespoke ranking system designed to work across the platform and across multiple sims. Who will be top in your community?

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SGP RAnking 1.0 Key Elements

Simracing.GP ranking launches with four key components. There is still more to come from our ranking system, to learn more about what's coming keep reading.

Pure Performance Ranking

The SGP ranking is a scratch built system designed specifically for sim racing.

Platform wide Ranking

Test yourself against the very best on Simracing.GP. Take part in skill based events.

Gain rank in your community

Become the hero in your community. Every community can host ranked events.

multi-Game Ranking System

Simracing.GP ranking system works across multiple titles.

What's still to come?

Our ranking system will be deployed in three phases. As this is a brand new system designed specifically for sim racing there will be some time needed to bed the system in before unleashing the full potential.

v 1.0 - Complete

SGP Ranking Launched

We've launched the first version of the SGP ranking system with the features listed below. The aim is to generate the data needed to complete the following phases.

v 1.5

Additional admin tools

The next phase of the ranking system will allow event organisers to physically limit entries to communities, championships and races. EG. only drivers rank X and above (or below).

v 2.0

Full blown competition system

Unlimited number of entries on events with fully automated server launching. Ensure all your drivers race against people at their skill level with zero manual interaction needed from event organisers.

Everyone contributes

The Simraicng.GP ranking system is a community effort. All communities have the ability to create ranked events. This means that you aren't restricted to the choices of others as to which events are worthy of ranking. If you want ranked racing with your own style of racing, start a community and go racing.

Everyone is ranked in the "global rank" but each community can sort their members by their Pure Performance within their communities in effect giving each community their own leader board.

Pure Performance Ranking System

The Simracing.GP Pure Performance ranking system has been built specifically for sim racing. ELO ranking was designed for chess, a game where the rules don't change. In simracing the variables change from sim to sim, even race to race.

So no more ELO hell being stuck in lower rankings or licenses. SGP Pure Performance is soley based on how well you perform in the race.

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Platform ranking

Everyone on Simracing.GP is ranked. This means we really get to see who is the best of the best. It doesn't matter if you're an Alien racing with slower friends you can still build meaningful ranking points. From this point onward, ranked races matter.

Expect competitions hosted by SGP based on driver ranking.

COMMUNITY Ranking System

Community Admins:

If you spend hours on excel spreadsheets trying to keep up to date with your own ranking system then good news, you can stop. Every community can host their own ranked races. You will be able to see exactly how well drivers perform from race to race. This will make grading championships a million times easier.


You can finally settle the debates between your rivals as to who is the best in your community. Just head over to the members tab to see who comes out on top.

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Sim Available*
Sim Available
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multi-Game Ranking System

Whichever game you race on Simracing.GP the ranking system will be working in the background. This means you can create a ranked community for your favourite sim.

*Assetto Corsa mods may not be rankable


There is still much more to come from the SGP ranking system. Be sure to read the blog post about the latest update and further information on the Pure Performance system.

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