Let's talk pedals

Let's talk pedals

Last time we gave you the ultimate low down on the best sim racing wheel bases and where to start. This installment we are now looking at the best go to pedal sets. In most sim racers opinion pedals are some of the areas specifically the brake pedals where you can gain the most lap time with your equipment. 

In our wheel guide which can be found here; https://www.simracing.gp/blog-posts/sim-racing-wheel-base-buyers-guide we gave you two options which came with pedal sets, in this guide we will be purely looking at pedal sets. 

One of the most important factors as we previously mentioned is the brake pedal. Most pedal manufacturers achieve a realistic feeling with what is known as a load cell pedal. However some of the really high end sets use a hydraulic brake pedal which is the same sort of system that’s used in real race cars. 

The first set of pedals we will be looking at are the Thrustmaster T-CLM load cell pedals. Probably one of the best entry level pedal sets with a load cell. The brake pedal simulates up to 100kg of braking pressure. You can adjust the stiffness and travel of the brake pedal with a number of springs that are provided with the set to really dial in the pedals to where you’re comfortable. As an entry level they aren’t going to have the best feeling components but they are more than enough to get you to the front of the grid. These pedals also come with a tonne of compatibility whether you’re playing on console or PC they will work for you. You can find out more about the T-CLM pedals here: T-LCM Pedals - | Thrustmaster

(Photo credit: Thrustmaster)

Next up on our list is a newcomer on the block. Logitech have often been known for the ever reliable entry level wheels with the G27 and the more recent G29/G920. Well now they are stepping up into the higher end of the sim racing market and they’ve done that with their new G Pro Pedals. As with the Thrustmaster it comes with a 100kg brake load cell. They also sport a whole range of customisation in the form of adjustable and removable pedal plates. The brake pedal force is easily adjustable on the go without the need to dismantle the pedal set. However if you wish more customisation than this you can get swappable elastomers to make the brake pedal even harder or softer depending on your preference. You can also swap out the throttle and clutch springs to really get the pedals feeling the way you’d like. You can find out more about the G Pro pedals here: Logitech G PRO Racing Pedals - Load Cell & Customizable

(Photo credit: Logitech) 

The next set we are looking at is probably the most popular set of sim racing pedals in the market. These come in the form of the Fanatec ClubSport V3 pedals. These are still used by some of the top sim racers and influencers out there. Fanatec’s premium pedal features a 90kg load cell but this also comes with tool free adjustability. This allows you to change the brake feel on the fly to suit each car you are driving. If you still can’t get the feeling you like out of this pedal set you can purchase the additional brake tuning kit giving you even more options in elastomers and if you want even more feeling they offer a ClubSport V3 damper kit which offers a hydraulic option to add to your V3 pedals. Along with the options to your brake pedals Fanatec also provides two different styles of pedal plates and a whole bunch of pedal adjustability to really ensure you’re comfortable. You can find out more about the ClubSport V3 Pedals here: ClubSport Pedals V3 | Fanatec


(Photo credit: Fanatec)

The next set of pedals we are looking at are from the French brand Venym and their Atrax 3 pedals. These are seen as one of the higher end load cell pedals and are available in a 2 pedal set without a clutch pedal or a 3 pedal set giving you that extra clutch pedal. The strength in the brake load cell in these jump upto 200kg which really will give you a work out during those long sim sessions. But unlike the other pedals mentioned above these also come with a load cell in both the throttle and clutch pedals to really give you that race car feeling throughout the set. You know these are a top quality set of pedals as they have been designed in partnership with single seater manufacturer Mygale. They also come with a full custom software to ensure you have all the adjustability you need to make you get the full experience from these. If that wasn’t enough for you there is a whole host of customisation options from custom colour pedal plates, LED covers behind the brake and throttle pedals which light up when the pedals are pressed to full custom engraving. Find out more here; Venym's pedal box for sim racing

(Photo credit: Venym)

 Before we head up to the insane hydraulic pedal sets we will look at the ultimate load cell pedals, the Heusinkveld Ultimate + pedals. Anyone who’s anyone in sim racing will know the Heusinkveld name being used by influencers to real world drivers  so you know these are a top quality pedal. The brake pedal in these also comes with a 200kg load cell giving you more than enough feeling from that middle pedal. Again these are available in a two pedal or three pedal set. The throttle pedal though comes in the form of a fully adjustable hydraulic damper giving you unparalleled amounts of control when you stamp on the loud pedal. The custom software that Heusinkveld have created comes with a number of preset profiles but also allows you to create custom profiles so that you can really get the pedals responding just how you like, you can spend hours just getting them feeling just right or jump straight in with the amazing preset profiles. You can find out more about the Ultimate + pedals here: Sim Pedals Ultimate+ • Heusinkveld advanced simracing products

(Photo credit Heusinkveld) 

Now if you really want to push the boat out and get the ultimate in sim racing pedals then you should be looking at the Simtag Ashley Hydraulic 3 pedal set. These are made up with components you’d find in actual real life race cars. The pedals are based on the TILTON pedal sets and the hydraulic brake master cylinder is from Wilwood who make some of the best real life braking kits out there. All this is controlled by sensors from Bosch and ABB which again you will find on the highest end racing cars. As with a real race car pedal as the travel increases so does the brake pedal pressure therefore giving you more control and feeling as you go deeper into the braking zones. The brake pressure can also be adjusted through Simucube’s True Drive software or via USB controller. All the pedal faces are adjustable for height and angle so you don’t need to worry about having to compromise on getting the pedals in just the right position for you. You can find out more about these top of the line pedals here; Ashley — SIMTAG

(Photo credit: Simtag) 

Now you have the lowdown on some of the best pedals on the market at the moment we will see you online to really give them the full test. Just remember to take it easy at turn 1 as not everyone will have the inside knowledge on the best pedals like you do! Head over to our homepage to create your Simracing.GP account and get on track with our amazing communities.

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