Model Limits

Limit the amount of cars available. Prevent a full grid of Porsches

Model limits are used for limiting the amount of a specific car in your event. An example of this might be that the BMW M4 in ACC is OP at the track you are racing at so to prevent a full field of BMW M4s you can limit the amount of people that can select that car. 

Here is how you can set model limits in your event

Step 1 - Select Model Limits

From the event configuration screen select the cars tab and toggle the “Model Limit” switch. This will default the model limit to the number of available slots on your event.

Step 2 - Set Limits

Press the “SET LIMITS” button to the right of the toggle switch. Adjust the number in the “car entry limit” field to your desired number. In this case I have opted for 10. 

Step 3 - Add your cars.
Add your cars as normal. You will see that all cars have been added but with the predefined limit number. 

Step 4 - Adjust individual cars. 

In my example I imagined that the BMW M4 GT3 is OP at the track for the upcoming event. I can reduce the number of any individual car by clicking the “-” button on the desired car. As you would expect, you can also increase the limit by pressing the “+” Button.

Step 5 - What the drivers see When drivers go to select their car in your event they will see that the “choose” box now has (X/X) next to it. This is to show that the model limit mode has been activated and how many of each model has been selected. In the example you can see the button shows “Choose (0/5)” meaning there are still 5 of this model to choose from.