Set Grid Positions

Set the starting order for your race manually with custom grids

"Grid Positions" is used when you want to manually set the grid for an upcoming race. You may want this feature as it allows you to host your qualifying in a completely different session. For example you may want to host a super-pole qualifying session on the day before your race. You can then take the result from that session and use it as the grid for your race.

Selecting “Grid Positions” also allows you to manually move drivers to set the grid. Let’s take a look at how you would set a grid. This tutorial assumes you know how to import drivers to your event. 

For a tutorial on how to import drivers to an event click here. 

Step 1 - Select “Grid Positions”

Select the checkbox labeled “Grid Positions” on the event setup screen.

Step 2 -  Where’s quali gone? 

When you select the “Grid Positions” button you will notice the option to run a qualifying session is removed. Hopefully this is obvious why but just in case you dumb let me explain. You can’t run a qualifying session if you already have a set grid order for your race. 

Once you are happy with the rest of your event configuration, hit the save button.

Step 3 - Set the grid

Once you have imported your drivers to your entry list you are now ready to set the grid for your event. You can do this by clicking and dragging the driver into position using the dotted-grid icon on the very left of the driver row. 

Step 4 - Save the Grid

Once you are happy with the grid order simply hit the “Save Grid Positions” button. Your grid is now set and this will be the starting order for your event. 

Bonus Step - Reverse Grid.
A quick explanation of the reverse grid button. If you click this button the order of the entry list will be reversed. 

For a full tutorial of how to best use the reverse grid function click here.