ACC Settings

ACC Specific event configuration settings E.G. Event Overtime

Each game has specific admin controls to help you run your races the way you want. In this tutorial we will look at the specific event configuration options found on ACC. 

Max Race Entries = Maximum number of entries allowed in the race. All ACC tracks can facilitate 50 drivers with the following exceptions: 

  • Spa = 80 cars
  • Suzuka = 105 cars
  • Paul Ricard = 60 cars
  • Monza = 60 cars

And yes, our servers can handle anything you throw at them. We have done 105 cars a Suzuka many times and 50 car, 24 hour team endurance races with no problems. Big up SGP wagwan.

Event overtime in Seconds = The amount of wait time after session finishes. For example, in a practice session before qualifying starts, when the time gets to zero you will have 120 seconds to complete your lap before the next session starts.

Tip -  We recommend calculating 107% of the average lap time and applying this. For example, The average GT4 lap time around spa is 2m 30s in the example below 120 would not be long enough for a driver to finish their lap if they crossed the start finish line if the session time was approaching zero.

Post Qualification in seconds = Ok bear with me… Time after the event overtime has finished after a qualifying session. 

For example:

  1. The clock reaches zero in the qualifying session
  2. The event overtime starts (120 seconds in this case)
  3. After the event overtime has finished, post qualification in seconds starts

Tip - Most people keep this to zero. This may be a useful option if you are broadcasting your races but in general it’s additional wait time. 

Time before race in seconds = This is the time before the race (believe it or not) with the cars on the grid waiting for the race to start. Drivers can make final setup changes in this time and must confirm they are driving in the race by pressing drive in the last 30 seconds on this time window. 

Tip - Most admins set this to 120 seconds. 

Post race in seconds = This is similar to Post qualification in seconds, however this is typically more widely used. This is the time after the race before the next “Race weekend” starts, or in other words before the entire session resets. 

Tip - Many admins increase this slightly to allow drivers to view replays immediately after the race before the session ends. Be aware though. The longer you set this time the longer it will take for results to be pulled through to SGP. Generally speaking 2-3 minutes is about enough.

Formation lap type =  Options for different styles of formation lap. Most admins leave this on default as this is the most widely known and easiest option for your drivers. 

Short Formation Lap = Rolling start begins on the last corner of the lap as opposed to giving drivers the full warm up lap. Un-check this box if you wish to give your drivers a full formation lap.

Auto DQ = If checked, the server won’t automatically disqualify drivers, and instead hand out Stop&Go (30 Second) penalties. This way a server admin / race director has 3 laps time to review the incident, and either use /dq or /clear based on his judgement.