How to share and find sim racing car setups

Elevate your sim racing results with our comprehensive guide on sharing and finding the best car setups on Simracing.GP. Discover the perfect balance of speed and control for Assetto Corsa, ACC, and RaceRoom.

Car setups in sim racing

Every sim racer knows that the secret to shaving off those crucial seconds on the track lies in the details of their car setup. The right configuration of your vehicle's suspension, tire pressure, and aerodynamics can transform your driving experience, providing the grip, balance, and speed needed to dominate the competition. In sim racing, where precision is paramount, a tailored setup is not just an advantage; it's a necessity.

Setup screen in ACC

Simracing.GP was created with a purpose to make simracing more convenient. To make sim racing experience easier and more accessible, Simracing.GP has introduced a setup sharing feature. This feature is designed to simplify the search for the ideal setup, allowing racers to easily share, download, and discuss car configurations for Assetto Corsa Competizione, Assetto Corsa, and RaceRoom and other titles.

This guide will explain how to share setups with your communities and how to find the right setup for your race and how to share your setups with your friends.

Sharing Your Winning Setup

1. From the main menu, select the Downloads page.

2. In the My Uploads section, hit the "Share Setup" button.

3. Choose your game, vehicle, and circuit. Name your setup, tag it for easy discovery, and describe it for clarity. Enhance visibility with an optional YouTube tutorial—drive traffic to your channel while aiding fellow racers. Simracing.GP will try to find your best lap with the selected car and track combo that would be show a proved result to other drivers.

Setup details form

4. Upload your setup file and confirm with "Upload".

File upload screen

5. Manage and showcase your setups under "My Uploads"

Finding the Perfect Setup

1. Visit the "All Downloads" section and filter by your preferred track and car.

Find setup

2. Access the setup details and click "Download".

3. Use the setup by transferring the file to the designated directory.

Let's go find setups!