Setup a Championship

How to create a solo / team championship on Simracing.GP

Setting up a championship on SGP is super simple. Whether it’s a basic solo driver championship or a ultra-complex multiclass, team endurance championship, you can do it on SGP in a matter of minutes. 

We will run through an example of setting up a basic championship but you can find tutorials on the specific features in the SGP University library. This tutorial assumes you have a very basic knowledge of SGP. 

Step 1 - Create Championship

From your community click on the championship tab and click on the button on the right hand side labelled “New Championship” - For a teams championship click on the drop down arrow to reveal the “New teams Championship” button. 

Step 2 -  Select your game

Select the game in which you want your championship to race on.

Step 3 - Basic championship configuration

On this screen you can set the championship name and how many entry slots are available. Moreover you can select if drivers/teams can join after the championship has started by ticking the checkbox. You can also apply a password to a championship by selecting the “Closed Championship” option.

“Closed championship” is great for limiting who has access to your championship after it is published. For a detailed description of what a closed event or championship is click here

Step 4 - Set scoring options

In the “Scoring” tab you can define how drivers / teams will score points. You can choose from a preset or set the points manually. 

Best race count = The total number of races that SGP will score during the championship. For example if we had an 8 race championship and set the “Best race count” to 6, the top 6 results would be counted for each driver with the bottom two dropped from the scoring. 

Championship rules = This is a rich text box where you can add text, images and video. Use this box to communicate the rules of your championship. 

Step 5 - Add cars and entry rules & Save championship

Adding cars and entry rules is the same process that can be found in separate tutorials.

  • Adding cars - Here
  • Entry Rules - Here

When you are happy with your choices hit the “SAVE” button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Step 6 - Add an about page

After you have saved your championship you are taken to an unpublished version of your championship. The first screen you see will be the “about” page. Here you can add information about your upcoming championship. 

Step 7 - Add events

The next tab to work on is the “Events” tab. Here you can add events to your championship by clicking the “+Add Event” button. Adding events is done the same way as single events on SGP. For a detailed tutorial on how to set up events on SGP click here. The only difference with championship events is you don’t need to set the cars or entry rules as these were set in the championship settings.

Step 8 - Publish Championship

You’re now ready to publish your championship. But before you do, it’s good practice to double check your configuration. You can see the rest of your choices on the Cars, Scoring and Settings tabs. If you want to edit anything at this stage click the cog icon located just below the “Publish” button. 

Step 9 - It’s time to race

Once your championship is published it’s almost time to race. Just one thing to remember. Drivers sign up to the championship, not the individual races. The races themselves appear in the events tab in your community but you can’t sign up to the championship from the events. 

In the image below you can see the process. 1. Drivers must visit the championship page, 2. select the “Cars” Tab & 3. Choose their car.

So if any drivers say they can’t sign up for the championship they are probably trying to sign up to the event, not the championship.