Selecting Ranked Event

You decide which events are ranked events, not Simracing.GP

Enabling the ranked event setting on your event is a simple one click button. This will allow your drivers to build their SGP ranking during your events. 

This is great for a number of reasons. It means each community is contributing to the global platform rank, not just on events which SGP creates. The knock-on effect is that each community can build their own ranking. This helps when setting up classes for races or championships. For example Rank 5000 and above could be your pro class and 4999 and below could be your AM class.

We’re not aware of another platform that allows you to do this. Any other ranked platform out there simply picks the ranked races for you whether you like the format or not. With SGP you decide which races should be ranked. 

Step 1 - Enable setting:

To select ranked races, simply select the check box in the event setup screen.