Closed Event / Championship

How to password lock your events and championships with a password

Closed events are perfect for many scenarios, for example, if you don’t want people to sign up to your events immediately, if you want to offer the event to VIPs before the rest of your community, or if you want to manually add drivers to your event. Closed events will require a password to join the entry list. Here’s how to set up a closed event. 

Step 1 - Select Closed Event

When you are in the event setup screen simply tick the box named closed event. Use the password field below to set the password for the event. When you are happy with the rest of your event configuration, hit the save button. 

Remember, this is not the server password, this is a password on your Simracing.GP event. 

Step 2 - What the driver sees. 

You can see that an event is password locked by the padlock icon present on the event card. 

Step 3 - How drivers select their car

When your event is published and a driver tries to enter a closed event they will see the “Entry Password” field when selecting a car. The driver must enter the correct password to be added to the entry list. 

Step 4 - Closed Championship 

The same password functionality is available for championships. To password lock a championship simply select the “Closed Championship” button in the championship setup screen.