Server Protection

Add additional security to your race serves. Prevent DDoS attacks.

With the recent increase in the number of DDoS attacks on sim racing events we deemed it necessary to improve the security of our servers. 

If you wish to add additional server protection you can now select the "Server Protection" option in the event setup screen. Enabling this option means your drivers will need to login to  Simracing.GP from the PC they are planning to use for the race before the server launches. This will enable SGP to detect the exact computer which is participating in the event. 

Quite simply, if your PC is not recognised you won’t be able to see the server in game. 

Some things to note:

  • You do not need to keep your web browser open while your game is running

  • We will ignore mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, so you can continue to browse SGP ahead of your event without fear that your computer won't be detected

  • If you login to Simracing.GP from a different laptop or desktop before the start of your race, make sure to log back in from your gaming PC before the start of your race.

So with that all in mind. Here is how you would host a server protected race on SGP:

Step 1 - Select Server Protection

Click the checkbox found next to the server location in the event configuration screen.


Step 2 - There is no step 2 (kind of)

That’s right, you’re pretty much done. From an admin’s perspective there isn’t really much more to do, Unless you want to add spectators, which we’ll come to in a moment. But if you just want a protected server with no spectators, that’s it, you’re done. 

Step 3 - Adding Spectators

If you want to broadcast your race, do live stewarding or you just want to spectate the server protected race, you need to add spectators manually. To add spectators you do this the exact same way as if you were adding drivers to your entry list. 

For a full tutorial for how to add drivers and spectators to an event click here. 

Step 4 - Tell your drivers & Spectators 

While you are done with SGP at this point you still need to let your drivers (and spectators) know that there is one additional step they must take before entering the server. They must login to SGP from the computer they are participating from before the server launches. It’s really simple, it’s just 3 steps.

Step A - You can join the entry list from anywhere. A PC at work, your laptop in a coffee shop or on a friends sim rig. It doesn’t matter at this point you can join from anywhere. Did I mention you can join from anywhere?

Step B - You must login to SGP from the PC you are participating on before the server launches. For example, if your race starts at 19:00, just login to SGP from the PC you are racing on at 18:55.

Step C - Join the server and enjoy your protected race.

Step D - Go cry to your event admin because you didn’t read the procedure and logged into SGP from your laptop just before the start of the race. Don’t do this you dummy. It’s really simple. We have tested this multiple times and it works flawlessly. Log in to SGP, from the computer you are racing on before the server launches. 

We recommend testing this first so you know and understand how this works. Once you have successfully tested this feature it becomes second nature.