Simplified Sign In to Simracing.GP

A simple signup and login to Simracing.GP using Steam authentication

With the first of a selection of quality of life updates coming to Simracing.GP over the next few weeks, we begin to simplify the signing up process for all new users to the platform.

You will now be able to access the platform, just from logging in with Steam. After clicking the ‘Sign In’ button on Simracing.GP, found in the top right of your screen, you will be directed to ‘Sign in with Steam.’ The existing users will be directed to a page they were accessing and the new users will be asked to fill in a few details about themselves like name, age and country.

You can verify your email later which is as simple as adding your email address and entering the verification code that is sent to that email address. You will be reminded to add email later, if you haven't done it.

Step One:

Click sign in on the top right of the SimRacing.GP platform

Login with Steam
Sign in/login with Steam

Step Two:

Click ‘Sign in with Steam’ and follow Steam’s sign in process

Steam sign in

Step Three:

Enter your details into the driver profile, including first and last names, email address (optional) and language preferences and hit 'Save' bottom right

User profile/settings page

Step Four:

Explore the platform

This is the first of many small updates as we prepare for the full launch of Simracing.GP. Included in that will be the ability for users to change their own name, along with many other requested features, such as the ability to host daily round the clock racing and using SGP pure performance rank to automatically split your grids. 

Join Dan, Adam, Tomas and our extended team in the first SGP webinar on Thursday 15th June at 1800 UTC in the Simracing.GP discord server to hear more details about our future plans. 

We look forward to seeing you on track,

Dan and the SimRacing team