Multiclass Races

How to set up multiclass races on Simracing.GP on any game

Multiclass races are possible on any of the sims available on Simracing.GP even if the game doesn’t support the functionality. You may want to setup a multiclass race for a number of reasons, for example, to separate fast drivers from slow drivers, VIP drivers from regulars, and different types of cars.

The options multiclass racing opens up are vast and can be extremely fun. However it’s not always needed. Here is a piece of best practice advice we have learned after hosting thousands of championships on SGP.

Top Tip -
Multclass single events are great. Knock yourself out with those. But for championships make sure you have a reason for doing multi-class races. It’s tempting to just click the button because it’s there but we have found it’s not always the right thing to do. We recommend avoiding using Multiclass on smaller grids as this makes an already small grids even smaller by effectively running two separate races on the same track, the class points will be calculated separately; it's not much fun if you’re in a race with a handful of other drivers. SO our advice is use this feature when you really need to, not just because it’s there. 

When you have decided that Multiclass is right for your event or championship you can follow these steps to get it setup. 

Remember - Multiclass currently only works in single events and Championships. 

In this tutorial we will set up a multi class race with two classes; “GT3” and GT4”. We will set a class limit of 30 GT3 drivers and 20 GT4 drivers. 

Step 1 - Select Multiclass

In the event configurator click on the cars tab and toggle the “Multiclass” option. 

Step 2 - Create a class

A pop up will appear that requires some information about the first class you are setting up: 

  • Short name - 4 character abbreviation of full class name
  • Name - Full name of the class - Only visible to admins
  • Cass limit - define how many drivers can enter this class (optional)

Step 3 - Add Cars

Now add your cars to this class. In this case we will add all the GT3 Cars. For a tutorial on how to add cars to an event follow the steps here

Step 4 - Add next class

Once you have finished with your first class click the “+ADD CLASS” button. Repeat step 2 & 3 above, only this time select the appropriate settings for your next class. 

Bonus Step - Entry Rules

You can add entry rules for each class. For example if you have a Pro Class you can add an entry rule that only drivers with 8000 rank or higher can join, and a Rookie Class might be Rank 5000 and below.

For a full tutorial on how entry rules work click here. 

For our scenario in this tutorial we will not apply any entry rules.

Step 5 - What drivers see

When you are happy with your event configuration, save your event. Now we can look at what a driver sees when trying to join the entry list. From the event screen on the “cars” tab you can now see the classes we created are represented by different colour chips on the class headings and on the car selection cards. 

Step 6 - Selecting a car

For a driver to select a car from their desired class they simply press on the class chip to display only cars within this class. Then all the drivers needs to do is select the car they want to use in that race. In this example I have selected the GT4 Class and picked the KTM car. 

Step 7 - Entry List

As your event starts filling up you will see drivers being added to the participants list in the order they signed up. You can sort the entry list by class by using the coloured chips. You will notice that the chips also include the average rank of the class.

As an admin you will also notice a small pen icon next to the driver's car. You can edit their car and class using this tool. For a full tutorial on how to edit car and classes click here.