How to take part in the Moza Challenge!

Learn how to take part in the Moza Challenge, how the race format works and how to win prizes!

With the launch of the Moza Challenge, we wanted to take this chance to explain the format in a little more detail for all those that wish to take part.

There are plenty of chances to take home cash and products from Moza Racing in this competition.

The first stage is to get yourself signed up to the Moza Challenge on Simracing.GP, you can do this via the link here -

You will need a discord account and follow the instructions on screen to join the community.

Next you will need to register to the round you wish to take part in, each driver can compete in 1 of the 3 events available per round, with those options being a race at 1100UTC on a APAC server, 1800UTC on a European Server, or 2300UTC on an Americas Server. Only the first result in each round will count, so there is no need to register to multiple races in each round.

You score points based on where you finish, points are given out to the Top 20 drivers across each split, based on the Strength of Field of the Split you are in. Scoring breakdown can be found in the Sporting Regulations.

There are 3 Rounds, with drivers being awarded points on the overall ‘Leaderboard’ found via the ‘Leaderboard’ tab within the Series on Simracing.GP.

After 3 Rounds, the Top 32 Drivers on the Overall Leaderboard will be invited to the ‘Cash Finale’ the remaining drivers, are welcome to register for a fourth round, with the same track and weather settings as the Cash Finale, however, you will only be able to win the ‘Fastest Lap Prize’ of £50.

The Top 32 Drivers in the Cash Finale will fight for the win, with 1st place winning £400, 2nd Place, £200 and 3rd Place taking home £100. The Top 4 drivers in each Cash Finale will be invited to the Grand Finale taking place at the end of the 6 Seasons.

Every driver racing in the Fourth Round in each season, will be able to try and get the ‘Fastest Lap Award’ which will put every racer against each other to get the fastest lap during the race session. The fastest overall race lap time will win £50.

The winners in each season are not excluded from taking part in following seasons, however, should a driver who finishes within the Top 4 of multiple Cash Finales, then the next position will be invited to ensure that 4 drivers, per season, are invited to the Grand Finale.

During the Grand Finale, the 24 Drivers who qualified will take to the track to win the following prize pool. 1st Place in the Grand Finale will win £1,500 + a Moza R15 Bundle, 2nd Place will win £900 + a Moza R5 Bundle with third place winning £600 + a Moza Product.

Additionally, we will be running the ‘Moza Challenge Achievement’ on Simracing.GP, as you compete in races within the Moza Challenge, drivers will progress through the achievement. Drivers who complete each stage of the achievement will be awarded a discount code to use on Moza Racing’s store to get themselves some money of some amazing Moza Products.