Setting up an event

How to set up a basic solo driver, single event on Simracing.GP

Setting up a single event on SGP couldn’t be easier. In the following example we will set up a single event on ACC but the process works the same way for the other sims on the platform, only the specifics of the game will change, for example weather settings, car choices, rules etc. 

Step 1 - Click New Event

From the community “Events” tab. Click the “New Event” button.

Step 2 - Choose Game:

Select the game you wish to organise an event in.

Step 3 - Basic Settings

Choose the server location and basic information such as event name and passwords. 

Step 4 - Choose your track:

For ACC, RaceRoom and AMS2 all tracks are available from the base games and all DLC packs.

Step 5- Choose your event format:

Each game has individual nuances such as event overtime in ACC. Use the tooltips to find an explanation of each option. 

Step 6 - Add your cars:

In this case we will select all the GT3 Cars. You can add model limits and do multi-class racing very easily with SGP. Both these topics are covered in other tutorials. 

Step 7 - Set Difficulty:

Here you will find all the driving assists available in the game. 

Step 8 - Set Race Rules:

Here you will find all the realism and race rules such as available tyre sets in ACC or damage severity in RaceRoom. 

Step 9 - Set entry rules:

This tab allows you to define entry criteria for your event. These rules are based on data we have on drivers. For example you can specify that drivers must have a certain rank (+safety rating coming soon) or attended a certain % of races. A full tutorial on this subject can be found here. 

Step 10 - Set track configuration:

For games with weather condition options you can find and control these settings in this tab. 

Step 11 - Hit save:

You are now ready to race. Your server will go live when the clock reaches zero